Toshiki Masuda (Voice Newtype Vol. 77 2020)

増田 俊樹

I think you spent a lot of time at home this summer, how did you spend it? Masuda: I was able to reassess how I spend my time. Until now, when I got up in the morning, and when I was done, I would eat on the way. When I get home, I take a bath and sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Since I was living in such a rhythm, I had never thought much about how to spend my time at home. Casual daily changes and subtle changes. For example, I could finally feel the growth of plants in my house.

In an interview with Voice Newtype No. 73, which appeared just a year ago, you said that in the future you would like to improve your constitution and write a manga that would be adapted into an anime. Were you able to work on that goal while spending more time at home? Masuda: The situation is completely different from a year ago, isn’t it? So, the way I approached my goals has changed, and my desire to get used to this new lifestyle as soon as possible has grown.

In the new program starting in October, you will appear as Yohei Shibusawa in “Talentless Nana.” Yohei Shibusawa is one of the special ability users gathered at a school on a solitary island to fights against the “enemies of mankind.”  Masuda: He is said to have the ability to “stop time”, but I’m sure that through the story, you’ll find that Yohei Shibuzawa is a difficult person to deal with. I would like you to see my work.

Radio host “Toshiki Masuda and Makoto Furukawa no Gori Yaku Kenjou” is finally in its second year. Masuda: It started as a radio program for two people who like spiritual fields such as fortune-telling and power spots, but originally the spiritual field is very deep. In addition, it’s as familiar as the fortune-telling corner of a morning information program, and we have a bit of a playful exchange, and I’m having fun recording it. It’s a radio program where listeners can search for fortune-telling and power spots together to find out what they should do to become happy.

I heard that Masuda-san also has a power stone. Masuda: It has a crystal that has the power to purify and ward off evil. It’s a feeling that you can protect yourself from unforeseen misfortune.

Is there anything you pay attention to when obtaining stones? Masuda: In this neighbourhood, when purchasing a stone, they use the phrase “called.” Some people say that the right time to buy something is when you want it. However, some stones can be a big purchase in terms of price, so I think it’s good to think about the timing of each purchase.

Masuda-san, do you have any jinxes or rules in your work and daily life? Masuda: I think I have more rules than most people. Each and everything have already become a matter of course for me, so I can’t explain it very well. If you’re a co-star, there is something that you should do. It’s a little scary, but sometimes I naturally ask others to do the same.

Asking others for their own rules. It’s hard when you lose it. Masuda: It’s hard. It’s hard to live when there are so many things to protect (laughs).

You have a firm belief in your own world. Is that reflected in your work as an actor? Masuda: I hope it helps. When I play a new role, I try to find 1% or 2% of things that are close to me in that role. The way they get angry is different from mine, but the way they laugh is the same. The way they like people is different, but the way they dislike them is the same. When I find a part that is close to my values, I use that as a clue to think about the role. I can go on. That’s how I often create my own alter ego. Of course, it’s not a perfect alter ego, but since I’m playing the role, I hope that a fragment of me will be part of the role.

Are there any roles you would like to try in the future? Masuda: The other day, I saw the movie version of “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection,” and after that I read interviews with director Goro Taniguchi-san and screenwriter Ichiro Okouchi-san, and I hope this series will continue into the future. It is written as I go. I fell in love with late-night anime. “Code Geass” is one of my origins, and as an actor, one of my dreams that I want to fulfil someday is an appearance in it. However, when I gave up thinking that the series had already ended, there was actually a continuation. If I get the chance, I would like to perform in it, and I would like to keep this ambition within me.

Masuda-san, what kind of existence are the fans who support your activities? Masuda: I am very grateful for the response from all of you. When I get reactions on social media, it gives me encouragement to know that there are people who see my small actions as happy. I look forward to working with you.

Column: Little happiness: Foliage plant

I’ve been growing houseplants lately. It was a small happiness when I noticed that new buds were sprouting. It was a pleasure to be able to feel the daily changes and growth that I had overlooked until now.


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