Shun Horie (Voice Newtype Vol. 74 2019)

堀江 瞬

Appeared in this magazine for the first time in exactly one year. However, I felt a different dependability and positive power from last year in his demeanour, his gaze through the viewfinder, and his answers in the interview. By playing roles with various genres and individuality, he definitely gained strength, and it seems that he has risen one step further both as a voice actor and as a human being. What was the impetus for the change?

“Kiramune Music Festival~10th Anniversary~” was held in April, and “SparQlew 1st Live Winner’5” was held in August. In addition, your first live performance has been decided on February 2020, but are there things you gained through SparQlew activities? Horie: In this year’s “Kira Fes” I’ve become a main member and the number of songs has increased, and the venue was at MetLife Dome, so I was nervous before the performance. But once I got on stage, I felt that I was able to calmly take a bird’s-eye view of the performance. I wonder if we were able to bring out the experience that the five of us have accumulated so far. In the past year, the five members spent a lot of time together, and since the bonds between us had deepened before the live, I think they felt that everyone wanted to give a better performance. Based on that, it was SparQlew’s solo live in August, so everyone was able to take on the challenge with an uplifting feeling that “I can never lose to the other members.” I think everyone in the audience could feel that feeling.

Do you feel that your individual strengths have increased, and that your strength as a group has risen to the next level?  Horie: Yes, that’s why I always say “Hi, let’s sell even more.” The common understanding among the members is that they want to cultivate their individual name value and use it as a strength when they form a unit. That’s why, when another member is chosen to play the leading role, the frustration that I have to work harder than my feelings of support overwhelms me. I’ve always been a sore loser, but until last year I felt like I was losing and felt depressed and angry with myself. But this year, my desire to win no matter what was stronger. Unexpectedly, the title of the 15th live was “Winner’5”, so it was strange. I felt trapped.

Do you have any idea what caused the positive power to emerge within you? Horie: This year, I was able to make a conscious effort to make the best use of the experiences I had gained in the past years. Last year, I didn’t know what to believe in myself, so I was doing my best. It is possible. In particular, “Sarazanmai” had special requirements and directions. It was a work that grasped something like the significance of doing “keai.”

What was the special direction like? Horie: I was particular about the expression of sound and the pitch of my voice. At first, I was very confused when I was told, “Please use this pitch.” But in the process of doing it over and over again, the spirit of “I’ll give it a try” sprang up. It was a scene that made me think a lot about emotions, but what kind of joy and sadness it was, whether it was a joke or a serious one. That’s why the number of cards in my hand has increased so much.

I’m impressed with “Sarazanmai.” Where is the ugly scene? Horie: It’s the scene where (Jinnai) Enta licks (Yagasaka) Kazuki’s recorder. The breath when licking the recorder, the direction to the tone and pitch were very delicate, and we did about 20 takes. I gradually lost track of what I was doing (laughs), but I’m grateful that you took the time to listen to my voice in such an uncompromising setting. It was a very dark secret.

What are your memories of other works? Horie: I was happy to be able to appear in a production for children, screaming and desperate. I was able to do a good play, and I was able to realize that I’m now in animation. Since the broadcast is long, I’ve changed my approach to acting in various ways, and I’ve come to be able to challenge myself as long as I’m allowed. Until last year, I was just doing my best. “Idolmaster SideM” also has an overwhelmingly deeper understanding of the idol Pierre compared to when they debuted, and I can stand on the stage after establishing in myself the way Pierre and Shun Horie should be. So, I’m really looking forward to the next live. After five years, I feel like I’ve finally reached the starting point. From here on out, I would like to use a much different approach to play Pierre in a more attractive way, so that everyone will come to like him even more.

It was a year when you got a feel for the play and role through the work you appeared in. Have you expanded your circle of friends? Horie: As usual, I’m good friends with Takuma Nagatsuka. The two of us have finally started a program together, and we go to movies and museums together. We have different values, but I feel comfortable there.

You had a great year, but what did you do to take a breather and change your mood? Horie: I recently moved, and I’m looking for a strange interior because I want to be asked, “What is this house?” Decorate my bathroom with butterfly specimens and mini cacti. It’s the first time I’ve brought a cactus that needs to be taken care of, so I’m really excited.

What are your resolutions for next year? Horie: I would like to make the most of the experiences I have gained so far in my activities so that I can lead to even better growth. This year, I was able to feel a small step within me. I would be happy if this experience remained in your hearts and made you feel joy and enjoyment. I believe that I was able to come this far with the power of everyone’s support, so I look forward to working with you again next year!

Column: My Christmas!

I want to eat delicious rice for Christmas vinegar. I think it’s when you’re eating delicious food that you feel like you’re in the best mood. I want to have a good time with my close friends and people I can trust.


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