Yuusuke Shirai (Pash November 2020)

白井 悠介

Please tell us about the appeal of Yamato Nikaido and how you feel you have grown from 1 to 2. Shirai: Yamato’s charm is that he’s the oldest in the group. A grown-up person who can see the surroundings from a bird’s-eye view. On the other end of the spectrum is the mystery and danger he holds. The point where he’s grown is that he’s gradually grown to be aware of himself as a leader and his love for “Idolish7!”

What is the appeal of “Idolish7?” Shirai: It’s an unstable place where each of the 7 members can’t maintain their shape unless they rely on or depend on someone else. That’s why I want to support them, and I think that’s why I like them! Seeing them hurt, anguish, struggle, and still overcome it naturally gives me courage!

Shirai-san, do you have any similarities or sympathies with Yamato? Shirai: It may be that they are similar in that they are usually aloof. I think it’s the same with seeing things from a bird’s-eye view! Also, I think I wear glasses and I always wear green clothes (laughs). The part that I can relate to while playing is the scene where Yamato calms down the conflict between the members. I’m also a carefree person, so I think it overlaps with the scene where I pay attention to my surroundings. Well, such a scene is rare (laughs).

What kind of person is Yamato Nikaido for you, Shirai-san? Shirai: He’s a benefactor who helped me grow a lot, and he’s someone I look up to! Thanks to meeting Yamato, I’ve had many experiences. He’s a little childish at times, but I don’t think there are many guys who are that masculine and dependable. It’s an element that I don’t have, so I genuinely admire that kind of thing! Best regards, Leader.

Please tell us the scenes that left an impression on you from the 4th episode of the 2nd season currently being broadcast. Shirai: It’s an exchange with Yuki from Re:Vale, who knows Yamato’s past! Especially the 4th episode. Among them, the words “If you do something to them, I will show no mercy” and “I want to make their dreams come true.”

What aspects of Yamato would you like us to pay attention to in future broadcasts? Shirai: Yamato’s past, it’s probably when he’ll reveal what’s hidden in his heart! Furthermore, Yamato’s greatest highlight is waiting for the end of season 2, so please look forward to it!

Do you have any impressions or favourite phrases from the OP theme song “Discover the Future?” Shirai: It’s a song that makes you feel incredibly bright and energetic, isn’t it! The name of Tsumugi Otoharu is included in the lyrics, but I also like the fact that the names of Tsumugi, Banri, and Otoharu are also included in the lyrics. Emo, isn’t it? I think it also means that we can’t find a future with just 7 members!

Please tell us about the featured idols in the 2nd term. Shirai: After all, it’s Re:Vale, who appears in season 2! I’m also curious about the relationship between Yuki and Yamato, but I can only say that they are the reason why they reign as the top, their dignity, and their breadth of generosity. But when I think that such an absolute champion has various feelings and pasts… I like him even more. But all idols have a highlight!

The cover of this month’s issue is Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Izumi, and Nagi Rokuya. What impression do you have of Mitsuki and Nagi? Shirai: Mitsuki is just like the sun in Idolish7. He has a complex, but I really respect him for his earnest effort to overcome it! I love Mitsuki like that! It was the same in the 1st season, but when everyone was looking down, only Nagi looked up and shined a ray of light in the darkness! I can also see that. Although he is still shrouded in mystery, it’s cool to see him working with pride and love for Idolish7! It’s ok!

Which of the Idolish7 events so far has left a particularly strong impression on you? Shirai: “Infinity.” It’s been almost 3 years since the release, and it was a sudden 2 days at the dome! I think it was a Live that everyone had been waiting for. I am so glad I took that step. I will definitely do it!

As an activity this year, RabbiTube is also impressive. Shirai: This time, unlike the radio, there is movement (and it moves a lot), so I was more conscious of the movement than usual! Also, I tried to make sure that the way I speak is not too tight, and that it’s somewhat frank! I want that hoodie! (laughs)

Lastly, please give a message to our readers. Shirai: “Idolish7 Second Beat” has finally resumed broadcasting.

I’m waiting! Shirai: I’ve been waiting too! Let’s go!


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