Fumiyoshi Shioya, Takuya Masumoto, Shohei Komatsu (Voice Newtype 67 2018)

汐谷 文康, 増元拓也, 小松 昌平

The “3rd Anniversary Disc series 1~” commemorating the anniversary of “The Idolm@ster SideM” and at the same time as a new challenge for each unit. From each series, Fumiyoshi Shioya of “Legenders”, Takuya Komatsu “Frame”, and Shouhei Komatsu of “The Kogadou” will gather in the magazine and talk about their thoughts.

What are your impressions of the unit songs and joint songs? Shioya: As “Legenders”, our debut song was filled with the spirit of a newcomer, like, “We’re going to climb to the top!” Are you happy with the atmosphere of giving a push to the backs everyone? I told the members that we should cherish the feeling of “We are by your side” when singing. Sora Kitamura sings with an unprecedented smile. I performed for two days at the Makuhari performance of the 3rd live tour, but I didn’t want to show the same thing, so I changed the interlude dialogue a little. Komatsu: At the time of the Makuhari performance, The Kogadou hadn’t received the new 3rd Anniversary song yet, so I thought it would be nice to challenge a new image. Shioya: Because I didn’t know there was a rap coming? Komatsu: That’s right! As soon as I listened to the demo, the group line with the members started talking about “I’ve got rap!” (laughs) Lyrically, “Ray of Light” sings a rare phrase for Ren. I think it’s a song that I’ve overcome so far, and that it’s because of the time I’ve accumulated as The Kogadou.

Masumoto: The Sendai performance was really exciting. Komatsu: I learned that live rap takes so much physical strength. Masumoto: I always wanted to sing a calm Shingen song, so when I first listened to the demo of “Swing Your Leave,” the intro made me go, “Okay, here we come!” I was happy, but… it was an unexpected love song (laughs). Komatsu: No way, it’s the Sendai performance. I never thought I would have a date through the screen. Everyone looked at it in the dressing room and it was like, “Kyaa!” Masumoto: Even though I played Shingen, I was like, “Oh, you’re just Masumo-san, right?”

Shioya: Well, isn’t that the best compliment? You’re in sync with the role. Masumoto: I wonder if I’m that clumsy (laughs). At first, I really couldn’t imagine Shingen’s romantic relationship, so I was worried about the recording, but I was told, “I want you to sing like Shingen, without changing, and “I want you tossing powerfully.” I was allowed to sing at I think we were able to show a new aspect of pulling a limited number of people instead of “everyone.” Komatsu: Like Frame, who can’t imagine love, did it, so I feel like, “It’s The Kogadou!” Masumoto-san, you really hate to lose! Masumoto: Yeah, when I’m in front of people, I get like, “I can’t lose!”

Komatsu: On the second day of the Sendai performance, we introduced the song “Let’s go, Compass Gripper!” Masumoto: I like the soft and warm feeling of Mofumufuen, but I was worried about that song at first as I was wondering how Shingen should fuse it. After all, I couldn’t sing in the same key, but it made me feel like, “I’ll support you!”, and it was fun. At the Sendai performance, including F-Lags, I feel that the bond between the 9 amazing people was torn. Shioya: “Eternal Fantasia” is 10 people, it’s a big family, but among them, I was very happy that I was able to sing with Saki-chan (Saki Mizushima), who values “be yourself”. Komatsu: That’s what it means to be “full of individuality.” I saw it at the Makuhari performance, and it was interesting to see everyone moving differently even though they were all the same!

Shioya: That’s right. I like the way the bell is struck. Komatsu: We also want to perform “Egao no Matsuri ni Ya Fukururu” live soon!” It’s a fun festival song. Masumoto: It’s also an interesting combination. Komatsu: The kanji (laughs). During the recording, the person who sang in front of me was Aya Nakata Yuya (Kiro Kiyosumi), so it’s really elegant. I got it. For a moment, my fangs were pulled out, and I’m glad that the director said, “Ren is fine as he is.” I sang violently.

Standing on stage with everyone at the 3rd live tour Makuhari performance on the first day. Masumoto: At first, I quietly walked out of the darkened room, but the moment I looked up, I felt a sense of unity, saying, “Everyone is here!” I got it. Komatsu: I’m glad I was able to be one of them… I thought about it again. In order for all four of us to be able to appear, I think there really was a lot of effort put in by many people, so I wanted to remember to be grateful. Shioya: I was also happy to be able to perform together with Jupiter for the first time. They always keep an eye on their surroundings and actively come to communicate with everyone. I’ll give it to you. I was surprised when I found out that we had proposed a costume change for Jupiter’s unit song. Komatsu: Yes. I was really proud to be able to play with him, and at the same time, I thought, “I don’t want to lose!” (laughs).

Shioya: I can feel that spirit from my extensions. Komatsu: When I thought about what it meant for Ren to dance, I thought that the feeling that the back hair swirls when looking at the silhouette is important. I learned something by trying it, so I’m glad I took on the challenge. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow!” (laughs) Masumoto: It really looks like a tail. It feels good, so I often get to touch it in the dressing room (laughs).

Once again, the work celebrates its 3rd anniversary. Let me know how you feel please. Shioya: While keeping the good things we have now, we aim to become even better Legends, together with Sora. I want to grow. Masumoto: Even if I do a love song, I think that Frame is Frame, and Shingen grows through the work in the game, so acting is getting more and more interesting. Komatsu: I think it would be great if the “servants” could ask me what I can do. I want to do many things with everyone!

Column: New myself

  1. Takuya Masumoto:

It’s been a long time since I was a student, and I’m keenly aware that I’ve lost a lot of basic knowledge.

  • Fumiyoshi Shioya

I’ve always liked British movies and actors, so I want to go to London to feel the authentic atmosphere. For that reason, I’m thinking about going to an English conversation class.

  • Shohei Komatsu

I changed the motherboard of my computer, and it started up properly this morning, so I’m impressed with myself. I wish I could play some kind of game. Someday I want to challenge myself to build a completely self-made computer.


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