Miyu Irino (Voice Newtype Vol. 82 2021)

入野 自由

Miyru Irino, who showed a new face in the anime “Platinum End” and the stage “Peter & the Starcatcher,” which will be the starring work, and is working on the lyrics and composition of new songs as an artist. We asked him to look back on the various activities of the past year.

What kind of year was it for you? Irino: Thankfully, I was able to participate in two stage productions and multiple animations. Some games have been reprinted, I was able to do fulfilling activities such as doing online live performances and releasing new songs. It was a year in which I felt that the entertainment industry was also starting to move in response to the situation.

On the stage, starring in “Peter & the Starcatcher” and “Brighton Beach Memoirs.” How was it? Irino: “Peter & the Starcatcher” has the charm of an analogue play, in which we express everything with our own hands. The director, Seiji Nozoe, suggested that we have daily meetings with the cast and staff. While communicating with everyone, I experienced the fun of making the stage every day. “Brighton Beach Memoirs” is a work by Neil Simon that I always wanted to publish. Playing the role of the brother of Sato Shori-kun (Sexy Zone), who plays the leading role, and being parent and child with Satoshi Jinbo-san and Yuki Matsushita-san, I actively talk with everyone from the rehearsals to create a sense of family distance. I once again feel that theatre is a wonderful thing that broadens people’s horizons.

You were also actively involved in music activities. Online Live 2021. How as “True to me?” Irino: I was watching online live performances by various artists and thinking about what I wanted to do in my own way. So, this time, I dared to make a video work instead of a live distribution. I’ve never recorded a live performance as a video before, so this time I want to create a video that is close to my ideal, and I want to make it a work that is fun to watch at any time. It was a lot of fun working on the video while talking with the staff.

In September, the digital single “April” was released. Irino-san, you wrote and composed this song yourself. What was the impetus for making this song? Irino: Last year, most of my work stopped due to the corona crisis, and I had to stay at home. At first, I was happy, albeit unscrupulous. I spent my time at my own pace, watching movies that I hadn’t seen because I thought it was my day off (laughs). I tried other things that I wanted to do but couldn’t. I got all the equipment and started composing. After playing the guitar and creating a melody, I would mimic what I saw to create the harmonies, and then record the song three or four times to give it depth. As I put the roots into action, I was able to gradually ride the waves, and I could see the completed shape. And since it was a song that was made in April, it was “April.” It became a song that projected what I was feeling at that time.

What was it like when you recorded your own songs? Irino: I’ve sung the songs that I’ve been proved with so far with the feeling of connecting myself with my imagination. However, I feel that my own compositions are connected to me as they are. Also, if I have the chance, I would like to continue making songs.

“April (extended ver)” has been released. What kind of thoughts does the single contain? Irino: To tell the truth, it was after releasing all of them in live performances and albums, so I was hoping to get some new stimulation. So, I did my own research and asked TENDER for a song. When I asked for a fun song like a party song, it sounded like it had an airy feel to it, so I chose the lyrics to match this melody. It’s written by Matton-san of Pearl Center. I think that there are probably parts where the lyrics are written with the image of the corona crisis, but when I sing, I don’t think about it, and I want to make it a song that can be enjoyed in various ways. The coupling song “LIFE” is about singing to live, living to create, and creating to express. I asked Matton-san to compose the song, and I also asked Pearl Center to compose “Twilight.” If you order from yourself, it will be a song in the same direction. I thought it would be a waste, so I asked them to let me sing the Pearl Center song.

I can feel Irino-san’s love for his songs. Irino: There are 4 songs that you can listen to. I like to sing simply. Just like moving your body, if you don’t keep singing, you won’t be able to sing. I’ve been singing more often in musicals, and as an actor, I’m grateful to have songs as the base of my activities. I believe that expressing myself through Kiramune will lead to my expression as an actor, and singing has become an indispensable part of my activities as Miyu Irino.

“Platinum End,” which is currently being broadcast and plays the role of Mirai Kakehashi, and “Osomatsu-san,” whose new animation was announced. “The Tale of the Heike” (played by Taira Koremori) will begin terrestrial broadcasting in January. All of them have completely different charms. Irino: “Platinum End” is a work that I strongly wanted to do when I learned about it. I felt strangely confident that there would be no one other than me who could do Mirai Kakehashi. It is a work that I came across at a very good timing. He’s a character whose emotions are very complicated, so I think I was able to put some kind of depth into it because I’m playing him now. “Osomatsu-san” is a work that has a pure feeling of having fun and wanting to continue for a long time. When I came across this work in 2018 it was like a miracle. I never thought it would last this long. I think it’s a work that we are also riding on the challenge of the production team. And I think that “The Tale of the Heike” is a work that many people should see. The visuals and video cuts are wonderful, and the anime is full of charm. I want as many people as possible to enjoy it.

Irino-san, you are involved in a wide range of activities as a stage actor, singer, and voice actor. Where does your motivation come from? Irino: It’s never changed, but I’m curious. What will happen if I participate in this work? What kind of work is this? What can I do? All-round curiosity is the driving force. Both as a person and as an actor, the encounters stimulate my curiosity. And there are people who want my play. I think that’s what motivates me.

Column: Happy holidays

When I think of Christmas memories, I have memories of making cakes with my mother when I was a child. My mother baked the sponge cake, and I applied the cream. We ate together. As I grew older, I spent more and more time abroad at the end of the year. I can’t wait to be able to go abroad freely.


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