Junta Terashima (Voice Newtype Vol. 81 2021)

寺島 惇太

Every time I see him, he puts on air of adulthood. He teaches me new ways of thinking every time I meet him. Junta Terashima’s change knows no bounds. Enjoying the world at his own pace. What is his positive thinking technique?

Six and a half years have passed since Terashima-san was involved in “TsukiPro” as Mamoru Fujimura. Terashima: “TsukiPro” is a work in which the characters age, so they grow, and I think I’ve grown as well since before. It’s interesting to be able to sense the subtle changes in the surrounding cast members who are co-starring, even if they don’t change the fine nuances or tension of their voices. As for Fujimura-kun, I haven’t changed his fundamentals, personality, or content, but I’m conscious of making the atmosphere of his talk and the impression I get when I hear him more mature than 5 years ago. Originally, I was in the older brother position, but I made it so that I could feel more like an older brother.

This year in March “Paradox Live” first live called “Dope Show” was held, and Terashima-san also appeared. Terashima: It seems that people from overseas are enjoying “Paradox Live,” and I’m happy to receive messages in English and Korean on Twitter. The songs are really cool, and the recording is fun. Every time I’m challenge with a difficult song, I feel that it is content that allows me to grow. The live show was a production that made good use of images and lights, and was of very high quality, raising the bar for our performance. I strongly felt that someday I would like to perform a live performance or an event in front of an audience in perfect condition.

How do you like Shiki Andou’s rap style? Terashima: Shiki-kun’s rapping style is called poetry reading, and it’s not the so-called classic style of rapping, but rather mumbling. But it’s still hard. Poetry cannot be reproduced. Same length and tempo ad the CD sound source, no sympathy. At live performances, I try to match the mood of the moment and the atmosphere around me. I don’t want to get caught up in the moment. If I was told to do it again with the same intonation, I would have to adjust it live, so I thought it was profound.

Got the trick? Terashima: Absolutely (laughs). But I do it like an extension of the dialogue. Basically, I listen to a lot of temporary songs, but I can’t copy poetry completely, so I think about Shiki-kun, and every time I do it, I don’t think there is a correct answer. As part of the shuffle team, when Toshiyuki Toyonaga-san played Nayuta Yatonokami of Cozmez and Shiki-kun, Toyonaga-san was also challenged with poetry, and he was really good at it. I thought that Toyonaga-san could do anything.

“Goalous5” with 5 voice actors has also entered its third year. It’s fun because I get to record projects and experiences that I would never normally get to experience. I’m not the type to actively take on new challenges, and I don’t tend to do things that I’m not interested in, so I often find it surprisingly fun to work on projects. The other day, I went to a host club style shop and had a plan to try being a host, but if it wasn’t for Goalous5’s plan, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it for the rest of my life (laughs). I put on a suit that I don’t usually wear, and they let me do the call that I had learned beforehand. I learned a lot. It’s impossible to call without raising the tension. I can raise the tension for a moment, but it doesn’t last song. If I was in the host club, I think I would be found out right away because my roots are dark (laughs).

3 Mini-albums on December 1st, it seems that you will release the movie. Terashima: It’s been a long time since I last released a mini album, but I asked people who wanted me to make a song for it, and they gave me the OK. It’s a song that has evolved in a good direction with a slightly different taste than before. My taste in music has changed quite a bit in the last two or three years, so I have a feeling that if I incorporate that change into my album, it will turn out to be a really good album.

Terashima-san is good at singing, so you can sing in any genre. Terashima: I’m an omnivore, whether it’s music or anything else. Up until now, I thought, “I want to do everything, but I have to narrow it down to just one,” so I chose for now this time. I’m starting to think.

It’s still a period of patience, but how are you spending your days? Terashima: I started to think about things as an adult that I hadn’t thought before, saying, “I don’t have to worry about it yet.” When I was younger, I thought it would be cool not to worry about money and health, but when I got older, my health deteriorated and I couldn’t do the things I liked, which was the most boring thing, I think. So, this year I suddenly started to pay more attention to what I eat and how to exercise moderately. When I was in my twenties, I thought that I wanted to do it someday, and that if I waited, it would come eventually. I thought that things would not come if I waited. In terms of work, when I was in my twenties, my style was to do whatever work I was given. However, I’ve also started to think more specifically about deciding what direction I want to take.

What do you want to do? Terashima: I want to do a lot of weird roles. I entrust the role of the main character, the young man in the middle of today’s anime, to people in their 20’s who are sparkling and hot, and I’m the enemy or friends who stands in the way. I want to be able to act like a strange guy.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans? Terashima: The mini album that will be released in December will also include songs that I wrote and composed. It contains the various feelings that I have felt over the past year, so I hope you can relax at home while listening to the song. If we can meet again at the site, I’ll be in high spirits. Yo!

Column: Recommended movies for long autumn night: Third Degree Murder

I watch a lot of Japanese movies on Netflix, but I think suspense movies are perfect for the long autumn nights. I recommend, “The Third Murder.” Koji Yakusho-san is wonderful, and it is worth considering where to count the “three times.” Don’t look while watching!


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