The Lotion Slider: Kousuke Toriumi, Hiroki Yasumoto (Pash November 2020)

 鳥海 浩輔, 安元 洋貴

The Lotion Slider: Complete resurrection!! Member exclusive interview. The shocking news of the revival of the band “Lotion Slider”, which cared a legend into the Japanese rock scene, has jumped in. A dramatic revival that saw crowdfunding by fans. This time, miraculously, we were able to interview all the members.

The power of the fans will unite and lead the legendary band to a revival! This time, I think it was a surprising development for all the members because it was a revival through crowdfunding by fan volunteers. In the 10 years since the dissolution until now, has there ever been talk of a revival among the three of you, even once? Jack-@L (hereafter JC): Far from talking about it, I honestly thought it would be impossible for the world to turn upside down.

I got the impression that J/G was working to pass on the musicality of Lotion Slider, but have you ever thought about reviving it? J/G (hereafter JG): To be frank, Lotion Slider continued in me. I’ve been thinking, “Disbanded?” This time too, the world is making a fuss about the “resurrection,” but inside me, it really feels like nothing more. W: J/G would probably be like that (laughs). I’ve never said it before, but for the past 10 years, I think it’s been about once a year. JC: Yes, I was there too (laughs). It’s the lyrics of the new song. I thought maybe they were going to WÖLF as well, but I never talked about it. Because it was a tacit agreement that we would not touch Lotion Slider with each other. J/G: You silly. I thought it would be possible to do Lotion Slider again, but I didn’t expect that there was no intention of disbanding. JC: I thought you were slipping. We thought of Lotion Slideras a treasure that we should never touch again, so I was honestly envious that you were able to face yourself head-on by yourself. However, we were the ones who disbanded. J/G: I shook off my feelings… In other words, it was because I shook them off, so we didn’t have the qualifications to ask for a reunion. I never thought I’d be dumped. You guys are effeminate.

Behind the scenes of the miracle connected online and the unknown revival drama. I interviewed WÖLF before, but what did you think when Kurafan started? W: It was vague in the previous interview, but in fact, we were approached before the project even started. Will you be revived when you achieve it? JC: One of the staff who took care of us when we were doing activities was a passionate fan of us. J/G: To be exact, he’s a fan of mine. JC: We’re all still in touch with each other, so he contacted me. W: Actually, he was the one who introduced the three of us. JC: When WÖLF and I are drinking together, well in this day and age it’s online. I called that person there. “Dara: “I’m drinking with J/G right now, so please join me. Do you want?” I was freaked out. W: That really freaked me out. We haven’t spoken in ten whole years. I was hesitant to crush his face, so we both frowned and said, “Oh, that’s fine.” As soon as we entered, J/G started talking about the latest news. J/G: Do you ask: “How are you these days?” You answered. JC: I really didn’t know what to say (laughs). It felt like I was back in my student days. When the three of us were breathing hard to start a band. W: After that, I heard about Kurafan from the staff. Because of the conversations that the three of us had at that time, I thought I could do it.

Ahead of the release of the new song, a live performance is also planned, but what do you want to say to the fans who have pushed your back? W: First of all, I’m grateful. When I learned that so many fans had been waiting for me since Kurafan started, I felt really sorry that I had turned away from that feeling until now. That’s why I want to respond to that feeling with all the power I have. JC: First of all, I’m grateful. And in this day and age, when we are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy entertainment like we used to, I hope that through our music, everyone can feel the joy of life and the passion of living recklessly together. We are aiming to meet again in the form of a live performance, so please look forward to it. J/G: How important it is to never give up. The power and miracles created by those strong thoughts and wishes. My fans have taught me that, and I, no, we want to prove it by weaving music. In this world where you might want to give up on everything, “I don’t know if there’s a dream,” we’ll set off huge fireworks, so don’t give up on anything, just believe and come with us.


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