GOALOUS 5 (Pash November 2020) Kentarou Kumagai, Shugo Nakamura, Junta Terashima, Shouhei Komatsu, Toshinari Fukamachi

熊谷健太郎, 仲村 宗悟, 寺島 惇太, 小松昌平, 深町寿成

This MV shoot, which took almost a day, started with the solo shots of each of the five members. After taking a lip scene (a close-up shot of the performers moving their lips along with the song) one by one, it was time for the action scene. The top batter, Kumagai-san, bends his upper body back and then raises his upper body in the same position. The other members who were watching gave us the words, “Wonderful!” Next, Fukamachi-san has a series of detailed discussions with the staff, such as, “It’s dangerous to actually fall down, so let’s get down on one knee.”

And after changing the set in the studio, it was a rematch with Hero Red, who appeared in last December’s “Kotofuku Daisakusen ~ Consolidation! Goalous5!~”. Challenge the powerful action of turning around and falling down. During the test run of the scene running towards the camera, the studio was filled with laughter when he ad-libbed and shouted, “Please take my glasses!” On the other hand, Terashima-san said, “I thought he was an action man” from the action director in the scene where he was kicked by Red. He smiled when he was praised. Nakamura-san who was waiting for his turn, said, “You’ve been practicing, haven’t you?” After that, when Nakamura-san was attacked by Red and collapsed on top of the 18-litre can and faced the scene where he stared at the camera, the staff members shouted, “Cool!” In the running scene where one shot was OK, he ad-libbed and shouted “Kokushi Musou!” After taking a break, we went to a pair photo shoot depicting the bonds of GOALOUS5. With the Terashima-san and Fukamachi-san pair, Terashima-san, who was holding Fukamachi-san who had fallen down, shouted! “Why are you doing this?” “It looks like this,” he said fiercely. The pair of Nakamura-san and Komatsu-san suddenly ad-libs when Nakamura-san pays his hand in the actual test, and Komatsu-san can’t stop laughing. Meanwhile, Kumagai-san took a picture with the action director’s pet dog, Komachi, who was playing with him during a break. I was so relieved to see it.

The last dance part of the chorus was of the five people dressed in new costumes. After reconfirming her choreography, they will perform a sharp dance that will not make you feel tired. And in the free performance of the last chorus, “To the dazzling world of believing in this voice,” each performed their own unique moments. The shooting ended in a calm atmosphere.

Tell us your impressions of the second theme song, “5 Ahead!” Nakamura: It was the same with the first installment, but even though Goalous5 is set as the villain, when it comes to the song, it’s very hero-like. That’s why we usually shoot loose-fitting videos, but songs and MV’s are pretty hot. I hope everyone will enjoy this gap. Komatsu: When I first listened to it, I got the impression that it inherited the taste of the previous song (the first theme song “Go!5 Goalous5!”, but also added a dashing feeling of going to a new stage! However, when this song started playing in the intro of the video, I honestly wasn’t familiar with it. But now, I realize that it’s a song that has such an impact that it surpasses the previous song, which was super good. Fukamachi: I feel that the fighting power has increased compared to “Go5! Goalous5!” There was so much freshness that I felt that the opening had been completely redesigned with the new cool. Also, the key is up, and you can feel the “Goalous power” more strongly, so I hope you will listen to the song and feel our power. Kumagai: The key is very high, so when I first listened to the demo, I was worried, “Will I be able to sing…?” However, with the help of various advice from the staff, we were able to enjoy the recording enthusiastically. I think it’s a song that you can get excited about together with the call and response, just like the previous song, or even more, so I hope the day will come when we can perform it in front of everyone. Terashima: Personally, I felt that the lyrics were very easy to remember. “It’s frustrating!” “I don’t know!” I’m sure some of the people who watch our activities feel the same way. There are times when we don’t understand it while we’re recording (laughs). That’s why I was able to sing the chorus “Wakanai!” with a lot emotion. It’s a perfect song for our 2nd theme song!

How do you feel after finishing the MV shooting? Nakamura: For the music video this time, I applied muddy make-up to my face and arms, and I had the clothes I used until now go to tatters while saying, “Thank you so much!” We are pushing something like “feeling” to the front. I think the video shows the new Goalous5, and I feel like I was able to express the cool part of it standing up even after being it. Komatsu: There were plenty of lip scenes in the first half, but I had a feeling that it went smoothly. When I thought about it, I wondered if it was because the character had solidified compared to when the first music video was shot. Fukamachi: Certainly. (The character) has solidified to the extent that “when in trouble, wear glasses.) Komatsu: Oh yeah! I was touching my glasses the whole time during filming (laughs). well, I wonder if everyone trusted and left it to me? Fukamachi: MV shooting is often freestyle, but I thought it was amazing that the five of us were doing different things. There was so much variety that I wondered if the division of roles had been solidified during the regular recordings. Kumagai: There was a monitor at the scene for information, and while watching the scenes of the other members filming, we would say like, “That was great!” So, in a good way, I was able to create a space where I didn’t get nervous. As expected, everyone is solid and off. I thought that the gap before and after the camera rotates is a unique charm of Goalous5, so I had a lot of fun shooting it. Terashima: I didn’t do a lot of intense action during the first installment, but this time there was a scene where I was beaten by Red, and everyone praised me a lot. I was able to realize that I’m good at acting “I’m going to be beaten by the enemy.” Also, it was impressive that Yellow and Pink were flirting (laughs). It was also interesting that the surprising relationship between yellow and pink became clear in this MV.


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