Kouhei Amasaki (Pash November 2020)

天﨑 滉平

Amasaki-san and the audience are more excited than usual. Kouhei Amasaki-san, who is good at cooking, challenges menus from all over the world. Streaming every month on CookpadLive. Of course, it is everyone’s comments that help Amasaki-san, who is at a loss for a difficult quiz related to the recipe. It was a thrilling live broadcast that demanded more collaboration between Amasaki-san and the viewers than usual. In addition, we will also deliver interviews related to delicious memories on birthdays and travel destinations.

Surprised by the carefully calculated balance of flavours! Thank you for your hard work on the live broadcast! Amasaki: I’ve made various menus from around the world so far, but this time it’s been a long time since I’ve had Japanese food. The saury kabayaki and chirashi sushi were familiar menus, so it was easy to imagine how to make them. The work process was also simple, just preparing each ingredient and then putting it together at the end, so I was able to make it smoothly. Comments from viewers who always give accurate advice is also very helpful.

Amasaki-san’s deduction skills have also improved with regard to the cooking quizzes given in the program. Amasaki: That’s right. It’s possible if you do it as a human (laughs). I didn’t know the flow of cooking before I started the program, but with each episode, I gradually came to understand it.Saury kabayaki made by you, how did you like the taste of kichirashi? Amasaki: I was surprised that the balance of flavours was well calculated! Among the ingredients, only the shiitake mushrooms are grilled together with the saury, and by doing so, the shiitake absorbs the umami of the saury. The cucumber, crab sticks, and egg are close to the taste of the vinegared rice, the shiitake mushrooms are close to the taste of the saury kabayaki, and when you eat it, it’s just the right balance. If the shiitake mushrooms also tasted like vinegared rice, the overall flavour of the vinegared rice would prevail, and only the saury kabayaki would stand out. So, when making this dish, be sure to cook the saury and shiitake mushrooms in the same frying pan. It was my first time trying chirashi sushi. The process of preparing each ingredient may feel cumbersome, but once you’ve don’t that, I realized that the rest is easy. Even if it’s the same rice, for example, if it’s fried rice, it feels like a regular menu item. When chirashizushi is served on the dining table, the tension rises a little, thinking, “Is this a celebration?” I would be very happy if they showed up at lunchtime, especially on holidays. The combination of the refreshing taste of vinegared rice and the autumn taste of saury kabayaki was perfect for this time of year, when summer turns to autumn.

Speaking of October, birthday memories menu. October 22nd is Amasaki-san’s birthday. Do you have a memorable birthday menu? Amasaki: When I was a child, I would often request Chinese steamed rice to be made for me. It seems that my mother inherited the recipe that my grandmother used to make. Also, I was really happy with the handmade cake.

Birthday parties were held when I was a child. Did you go to a birthday party for a friend? Amasaki: When I was in elementary school, although I sometimes received presents, I rarely gave presents to others. I thought a lot about what to give to make them happy.

Then, do you have any birthday episodes after becoming a voice actor? Amasaki: After that, I’m happy that the fans are celebrating. It makes me happy that so many people celebrated my birthday. I’m doing a radio show called “Kouhei Amasaki and Takeo Ootsuka’s “We’re already, friends, aren’t we?” I’m doing an event around my birthday. So, once I held a “passing party” where I could receive presents directly from fans. I’m happy just to congratulate you on SNS, but I was very happy that many people said “Congratulations” and “Gozaimasu” to my face. The voice actors who came as guests on the program also prepared birthday presents for me, and when I saw the presents lined up in front of me, I was reminded of the excitement of my childhood. It was fine. This year, it is difficult to hold such an event, so I am grateful to receive comments from everyone on the live broadcast of “Amasaki Kitchen” and to be able to thank them directly. “Amasaki Kitchen” is the only program that I am personally doing. That’s why I was surprised to find myself humming today (laughs). This program is quite relaxing. Of course, I can feel that the program staff in the studio are having fun with me as they created the program, so that moment when I realize that the program is delivered in a wonderful environment.

Thanks to Kumagai-kun and Sasaki-kun, unforgettable travel destination gourmet. One question from the audience that could not be answered during the program. What is your favourite fish? Amasaki: Depends on how you cook it… For sashimi, tuna and shimaaji saury. For grilled fish, saury, blackthroat seaperch, and striped atka mackerel! It’s delicious, isn’t it? For sushi, I also love engawa, Hamachi, yellowtail, and salmon!

You often travel to rural areas for work, but are there any local delicacies that have left an impression on you? Amasaki: I will never forget the nodoguro sushi that I ate when I went to Ishikawa Prefecture for an event. I was early, but I had work in Tokyo until late at night, so by the time the Shinkansen arrived, it was past midnight. However, Kentarou Kumagai-kun, who had arrived earlier, took the trouble to take out sushi for me… I have a good memory of going to his room and eating sushi with him. That made me happy. After that, even in private, my mother and I. I travelled to Ishikawa Prefecture, and I’ve had sushi on repeat (laughs). When Kumagai-kun and I went to Hokkaido for an event, the two of us went to a small sushi restaurant in the morning market. The fish was freshly caught at the market, so it was really delicious. When I travel, I eat foods that are usually expensive and difficult to eat as mementos.

Have you ever travelled to eat the specialties of the land? Amasaki: I love the manga Pastel by Toshihiko Kobayashi. The Hassaku Daifuku, a specialty of Onomichi, was delicious. I went to the shop at the end of Neko no Hosomichi to buy some. I really wanted to eat the famous Onomichi ramen, so I rushed there. Sasaki-kun, I don’t think he was particularly interested in Onomichi or the local gourmet food, but I’m glad that he enjoyed it with us. I also went to a shop on the opposite bank of Onomichi where you can drink homemade ramune from Mukaishima. I happened to see it being introduced on TV, and I’ve always wanted to go. The two of us sang songs while looking at the shipyard (laughs).

Thank you for sharing your wonderful travel memories! Amasaki: Thank you again for today.


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