Adam Lambert – My dream collaborations as a long time fan

I’ve been a fan of Adam Lambert since 2009 when a friend of mine recommended I check out this handsome man with a blue stripe in his hair on American Idol and his performance of “Mad World.” Needless to say, ever since then, I’ve loved all his cover, his own songs and his journey with Queen.

I’m a massive fan of a variety of bands from different countries and over the years there’s been many that caught my eye with their beautiful vocals and stage presence. Here’s a few of my personal favourite artists and why I would love to one day see Adam collaborate or perform live with one day.

  1. Christina Aguilera

With a voice like a siren and a personality that bows down to no one, Christina and Adam would make a killer combination live.

2. Kishou Taniyama (GRANRODEO)

If you’re a fan of anime and J-Rock, you’ll recognize his name instantly. Powerful vocals and dressed like a rockstar, Taniyama-san never fails to deliver. Just picturing Adam next to him rocking it out on stage, gives me the good kind of chills.

3. Dimash Kudaibergen

4. Kentarou Kumagai

Easily one of my favourite voice actors of the younger generation, Kentarou has a unique voice, ranging from his seductive bass to a higher vocal range when performing as Hideo Kureno from “The Idolmaster SideM”. I actually noticed him for the first time in 2018 in an anime and thought, “Oh, he has a nice voice.” But I really fell for him hard when I heard “Just for Myself” and “Finder Goshi no Kizuna” for the game “A3”. Just imaging Kentarou and Adam on stage singing a duet with their respective bass and tenor voices mixing beautifully together, well a girl can dream, right? (Plus, both men love wearing nail polish and fingerless gloves when they perform. ^_^)

5. Takuya Satou

Another favourite voice actor, and a senior of Kentarou Kumagai (as well as his co-star in many works. If you’re a fan of BL and otome drama cd’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) He’s actually a fan of Adam Lambert and Queen as well and saw them live in 2020 (lucky man!) The movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” was big in Japan, and everyone knows how much Japan loves Queen and Adam. I was beyond ecstatic when I scrolled through Satou-san’s Twitter and saw familiar faces. He has a sexy voice and uses it to his advantage. Please check out his performances for “A3!” and “Idolish7”, which is just a few of his music related projects.

6. Ariana Grande

Two vocal powerhouses on one stage, yes please! Ariana’s voice is incomparable just like Adam’s and they would one any song they would perform together.

7. Leona Lewis

Technically they performed together a few years ago but haven’t recorded anything yet. Leona’s always been my favourite contestant on the X-Factor and she’s so sweet as well. Seeing them sing “Girl Crush” together really made a lot of us hope for future collaborations.

8. Rina Sawayama

Recently discovered Rina Sawayama on Instagram and quickly fell in love with her music and personality. I also noticed that Adam shared a few of her songs on a playlist on Spotify.

9. David Archuleta

My favourite runner-up on American Idol before Adam, David easily impressed me with his sweet voice and gentle personality. I would love to one day hear them sing ballads together with David also playing the piano.

10. Jennifer Hudson

Last, but not least, is another brilliant contestant from American Idol who made her mark in many fields. It was a pleasure to see Adam perform on her show this past week and many of us are hoping for an official collab.

*Note: This is just 10 of the 50+ artists from around the world which I’d like to see perform with Adam one day (it’s just a fantasy of mine, but as life taught me many times, sometimes dreams becomes a reality.)

Please continue to support your favourite artists and spread only love, we don’t need any hate when we can celebrate good music from around the world together.


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