Adam Lambert, Grown-Ass Man

100% agree, Adam is a grown ass man and won’t stand down for nobody. Also, now in 2022, he wowed us with his epic performance with Queen at the Platinum Jubilee, “Nessun Dorma”, plus his heartwrenching version of “Mad About the Boy”.

By Xena

Written five years ago but never posted. It remains timely and now seemed like as good moment as any to share it.

8 August 2017

Adam Lambert is now, officially, declaratively and authentically, a grown-ass man. From his gradual take-over of American Idol to his latest single, he has what? Matured? Ripened? I’ve spent days trying to choose the right word for the process we have not just witnessed, but lived, since 2009, albeit a bit ahead of our Wonder Boy. We know that success cannot be measured by airplay and I think Adam is finally there too.

When I first heard “Two Fux”, I responded “Welcome to our world Adam, what took you so long?” With this song, you gave us the mantra to express ourselves “Namaste Right Here” should be emblazoned on the backs of our glitterized biker jackets, collar up, hair jacked and the…

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