YUTO (PENTAGON)  Anan No. 2266 (September 2021)

YUTO: There is a Japanese who is going ahead. When I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, I was hooked on the world of K-POP after listening to Tohoshinki’s “Doshite Kimi o suki ni natte shimattandaro?” When I got home from school, I watched K-POP music videos on YouTube, and danced by imitating what I saw. I heard rumours that there seems to be “I can’t believe she’s gone before me! I’m the one who debuted first!” I don’t know how to sing, I don’t have a girlfriend who can speak Korean, and I’m self-taught in dancing, but I figured I’d be able to do it somehow (laughs). My teenage self was fearless, and I thought she could do anything, and I was crazy.

When he started auditioning for the Korean agency, he received an invitation from another agency when he entered high school. YUTO:It was around the fall of the first year of high school. When the school festival ended and school life became monotonous, when I came, I thought that my life would be boring if I stayed here for three years. My state of being was: “Let’s go now.” There are many Japanese K-pop idols these days, but at the time it was still a pipe dream. There was a cold reaction from the countryside of Nagano asking, “K-POP?” Rather than thinking about the future, I’m the type to do it now because I want to do it, so I didn’t waver.

I want to do it now, so I’ll do it. That is YUTO’s way of life itself. YUTO: When I think about it, I used to play baseball from the time I was in kindergarten until I was in fifth grade, but I suddenly quit because I thought the dodgeball club looked interesting. One person broke the school rule of not changing activities and transferred from the track and field club to the soccer club. I wonder if he didn’t care about the eyes around him. Rather than that, what was important was what I liked and what I felt was fun.

Thanks to his older sister persuading his parents who were against going to Korea, he went to Korea at the age of 15 and became a trainee. YUTO: But as soon as I became a trainee, my heart broke (laughs). Because the trainees are full of tough guys gathered from all over the world and I was one too. But I quit high school, and there’s no turning back. I clung anyway. One day, I wondered what it would be like for me to use my low voice to rap. Come to think of it, there are no Japanese people rapping in Korea. It will definitely be a struggle, but if you can overcome it, you can open up new genres. I decided to become a rap candidate on my own. It’s completely momentum (laughs). But…it’s unreasonable to rap in a foreign language. During the recording, my pronunciation was corrected many times and my mentality was shaved, and the moment it was over, I cried. But I’m really glad I stuck with it then. If I had continued to practise, I don’t think I would have made my debut.

The biggest turning point in his life was when his debut was decided. YUTO made his own decisions and moved his life based on what he wants to do. The turning point in his life came when he was 16. YUTO: My debut has been decided from the current office. That moment was truly the turning point of my life. The decision to debut is the same as the decision to live his life, isn’t it? I was happy. At the same time, it was a moment when I was reminded of the reality that my debut, which I thought was the goal was the starting point (laughs).

“Shine”, which was created by only the members in the second year of his debut, became a long hit in the world, and PENTAGON joined the popular groups. YUTO: The first song we made ourselves was “Buzz”. It gave me confidence, and I felt like all my hard work had paid off. It was at this time that we all came up with the concept of “playing on stage,” which is the base of our performances.

Even if he becomes a popular star, he never tops taking on challenges. Last year, PENTAGON appeared on Sabai’s bar program “Road to Kingdom” where young boy groups compete for their performance. PENTAGON has already been recognized for their popularity and ability. The participation of PENTAGON became a hot topic. YUTO: Honestly, whether or not to appear, I was worried. However, all the members were not satisfied with the current situation and had a sense of crisis, so we decided to take on the challenge for them, who wanted to show off our charms once again. In conclusion, I’m glad I left. I was so inspired by the rest of the group. It was a big turning point for them as a group. I honestly thought, “This is no good for me.”

The members entered after the program ended. The team has started, and PENTAGON is now entering a new phase. YUTO: Even if it’s just for a short period of time, the departure of a member would be sad for the fans, and it would also be a big loss for us. I’m currently searching for what I can do for the future. If each member spends this time wisely, when we get together again, I believe we can create a tremendous power.

What’s interesting is that YUTO, who is full of curiosity, continues to do K-POP. YUTO: Honestly, I have been able to come this far without getting bored. Celebrities have new things to do every day, so that might be a good thing. No, it’s an unstable job, and when I meet my friends who got a job at a company, I wonder if this is the right path. But I love it and it’s fun. That’s the only reason.

YUTO-san says that he believes that enjoying life wins. What would you like to convey to Anan readers? YUTO: It’s strange, but if you pursue what you like, you can definitely get close. He doesn’t know if it will come true completely. It might be a good idea to follow him thoroughly.


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