Takeru Satoh Anan No. 2266 (September 2021)


Why is Takeru Satoh able to pave the way so briskly? As well as his performance as an actor, YouTube, LINE, making clothes… Satoh-san runs through new fields one after another. From a long interview with the person himself and the voices of the people around him. We will read and understand the charm of that light and core way of life.

Takeru Satoh’s strengths that six people feel. Why does Takeru Satoh attract so many people? Six different people who know him well analyse his talent.

Takahisa Zeze/Film Director: He’s risking his life for the play. Satoh-san’s strength is his unique self-producing ability that comes from his cleverness. From an objective point of view, he will show himself in a phantasmagorical way. He creates a new self not only in movies and dramas, but also in his SNS space, which is between reality and fiction, and enjoys it as entertainment. However, when I see him on set, there are many moments when I think that he will put his life into acting, and that is what I respect and like. Takahisa Seze, his directorial debut in 1990. In his latest work, “Mamora Renakatta sha tachi-e”, he will team up with Satoh-san for the first time in four years since “8 Toshikoshi no hanayome kiseki no jitsu hanashi”.

Nobu Chidori: He’s honest and cute. If he fails, he’ll show a losing face, and in my variety shows he’ll just be a pathetic guy. But when it comes to conveying the fun and charm of Nobita, he guides me firmly. Also, he often compliments people. He also praises my future wife, and he seems to be in a good mood for about two years. Thank you. His interest and talent make him a good antenna, so I guess he’s going to do something new.

Taka / One Ok Rock: He is always calm and considerate. He has often consulted me about our set list and private life, and he always gives me very accurate advice and opinions. He also has the kindness to rush if something happens. As he got older, he became much milder, but I think that his straightforward way of speaking is “very rock”. And the attitude of pushing forward toward a goal really gives me courage! Since Satoh-san was a fan of the band, they became close friends. He oversees the theme song for the entire “Rurouni Kenshin” series.

Masahiro Iwatsu: The first time we worked together on a YouTube location, I thoroughly explored what I thought was good, and the sincerity of wanting to convey it clearly was everywhere, making it the most interesting location. I think this kind of thing makes me want to work with him again. His ability to ad-lib is also high, and Takeru-san is the first other than Chidori that I have filmed without submitting any complaints. I think one of the reasons why the fan base is expanding is that he enjoys solving riddles and comedy without breaking the stance of “one fan’s point of view.” Masahiro Iwatsu joins Yoshimoto Proud Entertainment. He oversaw “Irohani Chidori” for about 8 years. Produced “Takeru Satoh x Chidori/Nobu’s first Toyama trip together!”

Fukura P (QuizKnock) / Quiz Writer: Takeru’s charm is to think anyway. He is often invited to solve mysteries and puzzles, but if he can’t clear it, he will have a review meeting immediately after. My love of analysis is the same when it comes to entertainment. When he was filming for YouTube the other day, he talked directly about the editing policy, and gave them instructions on how to make corrections to the finished video. It’s nice that you don’t mind thinking about how to make people enjoy it. QuizKnock’s YouTube Producer. He often enjoys solving puzzles with Satoh-san and appears on each other’s YouTube channels.

Keisuke Watanabe: Despite having a thick core, it is mysterious and makes you want to know more. I can feel the bottomlessness of his charm. I think it’s a strength that he can exist as Takeru Satoh at any time. When I interact with him outside of his role, he makes me think of him as Takeru Satoh. He has a strong inquisitive mind and a tremendous depth of knowledge, so even if he speaks only a few words, he is persuasive. So, he brings humour to the room, the breadth of vision, and the stance of moving forward without disturbing the pace. Also, he’s simple and kind. Watanabe and Satoh are both seniors and juniors of Amuse, both from “Kamen Rider.” Co-starred in “Koi wa Tsuzuru yo he wa dokodemo.” Appearing in “Oshi no Oujisama.”

On this day, when the camera of his own YouTube channel was also on, Takeru Satoh made the staff laugh and was relaxed from beginning to end. As he continues to focus on being an actor, he is also active in showing a different side of himself from the role. Satoh: If I had to pick the biggest turning point, it would be that he decided to go to college after graduating from high school, but he decided to quit and pursue a career as an actor.

He was scouted in his second year of high school, and in his third year he won the leading role in the Kamen Rider series, which is considered a gateway to success for young actors. A world with no guarantees of the future. It would have been safer for him to pursue a career parallel with acting, but he did not choose that path. Satoh: The reason I went to college was “What the hell am I doing?”, and he didn’t have a specific thing that I wanted to do. I was handed the choice of being an actor at that time, and I thought that this was the only thing I wanted to do. I thought about going on to higher education, but it was much too troublesome (laughs).” 

It can be said that all the works he has appeared in have been turning points, but “Rurouni Kenshin” was a turning point in the sense that the work that was to come had changed. Satoh: Since this work, the number of offers to play the lead role has increased.

The latest movie, “Mamora Renakatta sha tachi-e”, is a difficult role that conveys the fact that he was involved while struggling. Set in Miyagi after the Great East Japan Earthquake, this social drama depicts justice from various standpoints through the people who have fallen out of the net of social welfare. Satoh-san is a victim and a suspect in a series of mysterious murders. He plays a man named Tone. Satoh: I think everyone has experienced anger and frustration at unreasonable things in the world, so I thought it was his role in this movie to speak for those feelings.”

Raised in an orphanage, Tone strangely becomes like a real family with the women and children he meets at the shelter who also have no relatives. Satoh: I wonder if he has lived a lonely life without knowing his parents or his youth.

Like Tone, there are times when encounters with people can change a person’s life. Around the age of 20, Satoh-san realized the importance of his relationships. Satoh: Since I was a child, it can’t be helped, but up until them, I had lied to my friends and kept secrets. I’ve come to think that I don’t have to lie or hide anything from my close friends, and I want them to do the same to me. That’s why it can be said that the recent big change, becoming independent from the previous agency, was also a forward-looking decision after valuing encounters and interactions with people. I wanted to put myself in an environment where I could do what I wanted to do more freely. I was able to do this because there were people who were looking in the same direction, such as Ryuunosuke Kamiki, who went independent with me, and my manager.

Instead of trying to change the environment after it becomes cramped, lay the groundwork for the future. It must be difficult to put this into practise. It’s my life, so if I can do what I want, I want to act without any hindrance, and I don’t know what to do. I want to move forward. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making “A” clothes. The initials of “Answer”, the concept is to create a piece of clothing that meets all the requirements, such as design, fabric, and comfort.

He has released coats, pants, T-shirts, etc. and this time he is wearing a turtle neck and a beige cardigan. Satoh: I was very particular about clothes from the beginning, but when I was younger, I didn’t have a clear idea of what the correct answer was, so I would wear clothes that were recommended to me in addition to what I thought was good. By the time I was halfway there, I could say that my sense was right, and I was able to confidently say what I thought was good. I started “A” when I was told to make it.

It just happens to be clothes now, but this way of thinking is Satoh-san’s life philosophy, saying, “I want to give an answer to everything.” Playing on the one hand, it seems to be the best thing that the correct answer cannot be derived immediately, but there is also a “unique” philosophy. Satoh: Even if there is no answer, I will find out what is the best thing to do wat that moment and what is the best approach at that moment.

When he decides to appear, the important thing is whether he has a chance to win. In last year’s drama, “Koi wa Tsuzukuyo Dokodemo”, he played the role of a do-S doctor, but surprisingly, he didn’t seem to have a good chance of winning. Satoh: I may not be able to win, but I didn’t want to lose, so I focused on bringing out the appeal of the characters (laughs). I never imagined that so many people would like me, so it was a learning experience. I can definitely offer something better.

Although he looks cool at first glance, he is loved because his words and demeanour are truthful. It also tells me that he likes solving mysteries. That’s how he thinks calmly, never misses a moment to change, and has carved out a new path for his life. Satoh: I couldn’t have been more troublesome than anyone else, but that’s why I find the right time and go all out. It’s just that you should do it if you can.


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