ASTRO (Anan No. 2266 (September 2021)

Please tell us the moment when the members other yourself switch on in connection with the 8th mini album “Switch On”. Cha Eun-woo: San-ha is the youngest and has a cute side, but when he stands in front of the camera, the switch is turned on and he suddenly becomes cool. But he is cute even in such places (laughs). Yoon San-ha: He’s cool, isn’t he (laughs). Cha Eun-woo: No, you’re cute (laughs). Yoon San-ha: Rocky, my friend, is very focused during individual practise and when writing songs, and I think the switch has been flipped at times like that. Rocky: MJ’s brother is a little more relaxed when he’s with us. He thinks he must do everything when he’s alone (laughs). MJ: Jinjin is usually a carefree guy, but he moves faster on stage. Jinjin: When Moon Bin’s dancing, he’s cool! When he’s performing, he shows off his coolness. Moon bin: When Eun-woo is on stage or acting, I think he switches on to show his talent. It’s funny, because when his heart is on fire, it’s visible in his eyes.

Looking back on your activities so far, what do you think of it? Cha Eun-woo: When I was waiting on the lift, my heart was beating so fast it felt like an electric current ran through my chest. That was the first time I heard such a loud cheer, and I was very impressed with the audience seats filled with people holding their penlights up. Jinjin: When I debuted, hearing the cheers for the first time in my life, I had never been on stage until then, so I was worried about whether I would be able to do well. A memorable day. Moon bin: For me, it was a guerrilla raid in Shibuya. Not only the fans, but also people passing by were looking at us through the glass, which was really refreshing.

Who do you think has changed the most in the last 6 years since your debut? Moon bin: Number one must be San-ha, and he’s new. I grew a lot taller (laughs). I also got my teeth straightened when I debuted. Yoon San-ha: I also think that I have changed the most. When I look at the pictures of myself when I debuted, I think I was young, so I think the hyungs will realize that he’s matured more (laughs). Moon bin: Well, I expected him to grow this big, but… Yoon San-ha: But I want to grow even bigger. Jinjin: Huh? I want him to stop growing soon (laughs). Eun-woo has also changed. He used to be a little more childish and adorable, but… Cha Eun-woo: I have meat on my cheeks.

Jinjin: When I debuted and got sophisticated, I suddenly felt refreshed (laughs). Cha Eun-woo: When I look at the photos from when I debuted, I think I was very childish. But not just me, I think all the members have grown.

What kind of group is ASTRO to you? Moon bin: For me, ASTRO is my destiny. I think we were six people who would meet someday. Jinjin: They are like a family. I often talk with the members that this long-lasting relationship is like a family.

Please give a message to Japanese fans who can’t meet in person. Rocky: We can’t go to Japan right now, but we put everything we could into this album. Please listen! MJ: Just as you always think you’re with us, please remember us when you are having a hard time. I hope to see you all again soon. Until then, stay well everyone!

MJ: Movies are a source of inspiration. I can express emotions in the lyrics. In ASTRO, I still play the role of a mood maker, but I think it’s about time I graduated from pranks and acquire a calmness that is appropriate for my age (laughs). It’s good to be cheerful, but I want to think about things more seriously. Last year, I took on the challenge of performing in a musical, which made me interested in expressing someone else, and made it a goal to learn more about acting. I’ve always loved movies, and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen “A Star is Born” starring Lady Gaga. A lot of the lyrics I wrote were inspire by movies. Born March 5, 1994, main vocal. Bright and positive, he has a bubbly personality and is ASTRO’S mood maker. He is also a member of the group SUPER FIVE, which was born from a variety show. He made his debut with the musical “Jamie”.

Moon bin: Move your body and feel positive. I do push-ups in the dressing room. I love to move my body. Working out, taking a walk, and being active will naturally make him feel positive. Running is one of my routines. In our song, “Every Minute”, the lyrics full of hope give us energy, and above all, I’m really good at the pace of the song’s tempo. Before going on stage, I do push-ups and sit-ups in the dressing room. Lately, I’ve been thinking, what can I do for the group? I tried to write lyrics for the latest album, so I plan to write songs next time. I want to try out various fields and appeal that “ASTRO’s Moon bin is here! Born January 26, 1998. In charge of vocals. Entered the entertainment industry at the age of 6. The gap between sweet high tone voice and muscular body is attractive. He is also active in acting and was selected to star in the web drama “Mermaid Prince”. He also shows his sense of comedy in the comedy program “Korea Comedy Training Institute.”

Cha Eun-woo: After spending nearly 10 years with the members. I’ve become a person who can enjoy anything. Rocky is especially cute these days. He is a little blunt, but lately he’s been messing around with me, and he is cute again (laughs). I was naturally impatient with him, but when I live with many people, it’s less likely that things will progress as I want at my own timing. So, at times like that, I thought it would be useless for me to be like hi, and I changed my personality to enjoy whatever he did. After that, I started to value the process rather than just looking for the result. I think we have a good influence on each other. Born March 30, 1997. In charge of vocals. Known among fans as a “national treasure of the face” with well-proportioned facial features and a heartfelt voice.

Rocky: I became the chattiest while being with the cheerful members. It’s like I’m jumping into a fantasy world when I’m stuck making music. In today’s convenient world, even at home, we can take air trips through video sharing sites and listen to the sounds of nature, such as the murmuring of a river. I also watch Japanese anime movies such as “Kimi no na wa?” and “I want to eat your pancreas” to the end. Originally, I’m the type that can only express my emotions and the passion inside me through dance and music. But, when I was with the cheerful members, I changed into a cheerful personality and talked a lot. Now I’m the most talkative person on the team. Born February 25, 1999. In charge of rap. An all-rounder who writes, composes, and choreographs ASTRO’s songs. Especially when it comes to dance, he is one of the best in the K-pop world, and his powerful and supple movements based on ballet and taekwondo are described as “beautiful”. The remarks that fully open my world that goes diagonally above the imagination are also attractive.

Jinjin: We were able to create the current ASTRO by influencing each other in a positive way. The moment I switch on is when I’m composing! It’s fun to remember the time when I made it, and I would be very happy if people who listen to the songs I made feel the same way as I do. What I feel as a leader is that all the members have become able to take care of themselves by looking around them with leeway through accumulating experience. Also, if there are any requests for me to do more, everyone will tell me clearly, and I also asked as a leader. I am proud that ASTRO has been completed. Born March 15, 1996. Leader, main rapper. He is a multi-talented person who can not only rap, but also dance and compose. He is the members’ most laid-back character and always has a smile on his face. His current goal is to re-learn the basics of drumming, which he has been playing since elementary school, and apply it to his composition.

Yoon San-ha: I forget the things I don’t like when playing games. Losing is even more stressful (laughs). Even now, at the age of 21, the members and fans still think of me as a child. But I think it’s the privilege of being the youngest to be loved, so I’ll continue to enjoy being the youngest (laughs). When I want to lift my spirits, I play a PC game called League of Legends. When I hit the keyboard innocently, before I knew it, I felt refreshed. I’m more stressed when I lose (laughs). I can even go to the practise room and sing my favourite song. “I’ll Be There” is a must-have number that is always sung at solo live performances and events. It’s full of happiness, and when you sing it, you can naturally smile. It’s a song that even those who don’t know ASTRO should listen to it once. Born March 21, 2000. In charge of vocals. He is loved and spoiled, but after becoming an adult, it became a hot topic that a completely mature sex appeal came out. He is also enthusiastic about studying Japanese and sometimes answers interview in Japan. Recently, he said, “I want a private room where I can play the guitar and learn to sing.”


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