SparQlew Shoya Chiba, Yuya Hozumi, Takuto Yoshinaga, Yuto Uemura & Shun Horie (Voice Animage Vol. 46 2020)

千葉 翔也, 保住有哉,, 吉永 拓斗, 上村 祐翔 & 堀江 瞬

SparQlew’s 2nd single “Herubechika” is now on sale, feeling “our colour” more strongly than ever! Their new songs, which continue to move forward by pursuing their own performances even in streaming live performances, are turning balls that can be delivered only now that they have accumulated experience. Once again, we had a lot of talk about the impression of the song and the image of the lyrics.

The new single “Heruhechika”, the title song with attractive abstract and catchy lyrics, has been released! First, please tell us about the title song. Chiba: This time, we were firmly involved from the stage of the contest and participated in the song selection. Hozumi: There were a lot of good songs that were candidates for the title song, but this “Herubechika” has a quirk… As a result of aiming for a breaking ball, I feel that it became a good colour.

“Herubechika” is a song called “rock ‘n roll”, isn’t it? Chiba: I think it’s the song that sang to us the most so far. I try not to think too much about the balance with the other members. Hozumi: It’s the same with the coupling’s “Kumo ni Shinsekidan”, but instead of trying to put it together from the beginning, it feels like each one brings out their own “ness” and comes together as one at the end. Chiba: The lyrics also have the potential to go in many directions. I fell in love with every song that came up in the competition. Well, “Herubechika” was particularly conspicuous (laughs). Yoshinaga: I was attracted to just the right “meaningless”. Horie: I searched for “What is Herubechika”? However, I felt that the “what?” I’m curious, so I’m going to check it out, and I think it’s amazing that each interpretation can be done because of the research. Uemura: I feel that the flow of the words, such as “Herubechika” and “Schrodinga” was also a decisive factor.

Certainly, there are some unique words like Pororoca that have a nice feel to them. Uemura: That’s right. There are many abstract parts, but I think that’s why the depth of interpretation is expanding. Yoshinaga: Yaginuma Kana-san, the lyricist, took care of me for the first time this time, but the lyrics were created after a lot of communication. From the beginning of the competition, I brushed up quite a bit. Hozumi: The basic bass hasn’t changed much since the competition, but I changed it to make it easier to put into the song. I got it. Chiba: We also like this kind of glue~ As a result of having you understand, that “Terettette” was born (laughs). Hozumi:  At first, there were various ideas such as whether it should be “Tarattatta” or “Terettette”. Chiba: I can only think of that now (laughs).

The positive “magic” has a completely different meaning this time. Chiba: This is also a song that feels like “Rock ‘n’ Roll!” We didn’t a competition for the lyrics but asked Erika Masaki-san to be nominated by the director. When it comes to SparQlew’s cool songs, I think Masaka-san is the only one. Uemura: From the time I first received it, the world view was so complete. Hozumi: I was surprised that there were so many words I had never heard in the song, such as “super catch” and “uppercut”. The ending of the chorus saying “Kumo ni senko-dan” is also amazing! Yoshinaga: That’s right. Among the beautiful words such as the sky and the rainbow, unexpected words popped out of the blue and made me think, “Hey, you’re playing!” (laughs) Chiba: That kind of unexpected feeling is similar to “Herubechika”, but when you sing it, it feels natural and fitting. Uemura: I want to go with lyrics that have the image of “desire to be unsatisfied with the status quo.” It is a part that we also proposed. We ordered the image that even if everyone says no, we will move on. That’s why I thought it would be nice to start with “The word I hate the most is ‘I don’t care’.” Hozumi: There is a sense of determination to move forward, even if it means sipping muddy water. Horie: No matter which phrase you take, it seems to apply to us now. As a voice actor and an expressive person, when I read the lyrics, I get the feeling that “I’m still not satisfied, though!”

Exactly like a mass of rebellious bones. Horie: That’s right. I feel that it represents the feeling among young people, “I’m not as spoiled as it seems!” Chiba: It’s interesting that the word “magic”, which has always been used in a positive sense, is being used in a negative sense for the first time in songs like “Abracadabra.” The same words can be so different. Hozumi: The words are all positive, but the overall perspective is different. It’s a lyric that you can feel the desire to move forward while biting your lips.

And “I’m for you” is a birthday song. Uemura: That’s exactly what is feels like. I’m rather happy to be able to sing a song that can be celebrated so generously. Chiba: When we held the competition for the song, the temporary lyrics that were included were so good that I thought, “This lyric is almost good!” Horie: I’ve been saying this to the members all along, but it’s really cool how the number of notes changes between the first and the second chorus. I’m weak at that sort of thing (laughs). Hozumi: I personally say, “24 hours are the leading role, I love that part. I want to be told… (smile) Chiba: I understand. Also, I thought, “Even the gods are blessing me!” I feel like it! Yoshinaga: Also, it’s nice to be able to say, “Happy Birthday” to the point of death, while also congratulating you properly with “Congratulations!” Uemura: I wonder how much you want to celebrate (laughs). While saying happy birthday repeatedly like this, at the end Chibasho and Horie-kun said, “I want to see the smiles of other people who are excitedly waiting for you with their respective presents.” I think it’s a target. Fans who have birthdays close to each other will definitely get a kick out of hearing it lives…

It’s dramatic even when the members sing together. Chiba: Among the members, am I the first to receive it? (August at the time of the interview) I’ll give you a home! (laughs) Yoshinaga: Of course, it’s a birthday song. Hozumi: It can be the day something is born inside of you. I feel that this is a song that can be applied to a wide variety of scenes, such as the first time you go to work or the first time you go to school. Yoshinaga: Looking at it this way, I feel like we’ve made a new start with these three songs. I want to continue to push forward while showing love for my fans and showing more and more of my “likeness.”


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