Daisuke Namikawa (Voice Animage Vol. 46 2020)

浪川 大輔

“Strongest support song” with 10 years of thoughts. This year, Daisuke Namikawa-san, who celebrated his 10th anniversary as an artist, will appear following the previous issue! What is “support song”?  We talked mainly about his 7th single “Wonderful Days”, which was released simultaneously with the Music Clip Collection “step by step” Blu-ray Disc.

It was produced with the theme of “the strongest cheering song” that you sang while drawing a picture of yourself performing in front of everyone. Namikawa: I’ve made a lot of cheering songs so far, but “supporting” was something of a hidden theme. However, when I look back on my 10 years of activities, I think that this is the message that is conveyed the most, so I made it the theme of this time. I put it in the set list of the live that was scheduled to be held, and I was planning to sing it at a good place! (laughs)

From the time of the recording, you said that you could see the picture when you showed it. Namikawa: You could see it. I think that some songs are only completed when they are performed live. You guys are the songs. In that sense, this song is 100% at this stage, but I think we need everyone’s strength to make 120%, 150%.

What was the concept behind the MV? Namikawa: The theme for this is also cheering. I think it’s a song’s privilege to be by your side during hard times, so I made it with the hope that it will be a song that can be by your side when various people are doing their best in their own worlds. I wish I could feel the warmth. My handwriting is definitely not beautiful, but I was allowed to handwrite the title, and I was asked to include the lyrics I had written. I like writing letters, I’m just not good at reading (laughs).

The handwriting was beautiful, and the way it was put into the video was also wonderful. Namikawa: I asked him to put it in as if he was riding the rhythm a little. Actually, I took a picture of the handwriting as well, but in the end, I ended up with just the letters without the hand. MV’s are about the enjoying the visuals, so I thought that if there was a hand in it or something was moving, people would be interested and would notice that. There is also a detailed trick to set the cell phone date as the debut date, so I think it would be nice to keep an eye on that.

“Up the rainbow” is a collaborative work of the band members. Namikawa: I was with them in good and bad times, and I thought, “I am here because they are here,” so I asked them to write a song for me. At the time of the 5th anniversary, I said to everyone, “Follow me!” I know you are. It’s a song that I hope I can convey this team feeling and atmosphere to everyone.

What kind of song is the 3rd song “Best Answer?” Namikawa: I’ve reached a good age, and I’ve come to feel the difference between young people and seniors in life. But it’s different for different generations, and it’s not something to impose your own thoughts on. Old men and young people, both worlds are correct. Accepting both, you can choose which way you want to follow, and I asked them to make a song that the path they chose is the best answer. It’s an addictive song, and in a way, it’s a challenging song.

What was the challenge? Namikawa: My top key is mostly F#, and G for a moment. When I’m recording and the key is always high, I don’t have absolute pitch, so I judge by my body’s senses and tell the director, “This is definitely not F#!” But he doesn’t listen. So, after the recording is over, people say, “It was G” (laughs). That’s what I always do, but “Best Answer” is an A (one step higher than a G)!

This time as well, you didn’t listen to complaints during the recording (laughs). Namikawa: I said a lot. “This is strange! My body hurts!” (laughs) It was a challenge, including the difficult music score and the fact that I had never sung a melody, but it was a real challenge in the sense that I was able to create a sound that I had never sung before.

The Music Clip Collection will be released at the same time as the single for 10 years that have progressed step by step while realizing that they are not dexterous. What meaning did you put into the title? Namikawa: 35th Anniversary Voice Actor, I think that there is definitely a scenery that can not be seen unless you have been doing it for 35 years. MV’s and songs are the same as a play, and it’s hard to make a leap forward like jumping two steps. Knowing that I’m not very dexterous, I think it was one step at a time, and I named it, “step by step” with the meaning that I’ll continue to do so from now on.

Speaking of video, there was a campaign in which Kiramune’s solo live video was distributed for a limited time. What has left an impression on you in your solo lives so far?  Namikawa: 5th Anniversary live was a dream stage. I thought it would be nice to retire if I did it with Yaon. But I’m happy that I was able to meet so many people through music, including the people who came to my concerts. I am continuing my music career. Also, last years live shows “Dancing Night” and “Non-Stress Night” left strong impression on me. Since it won’t be recorded in the video, let me say whatever I like at the MC (laughs). It was the first time I was able to say my thoughts on the spot without making any preparations.

Finally, please tell us about your dreams and goals for the next 10 years. Namikawa: “I want to have fun and make money”, “I want to make a living with other people’s money” … Leave aside the jokes (laughs). I always do things with the hope that even if I’m not interested in them now, I’ll eventually like them. If there are 2 good ones out of 10, that’s enough. However, in the next 10 years, I would like to carefully consider the choices I have made, and 10 years from now, I would like to be able to live my life in a way that makes me think, “I was only doing what I liked!”


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