GOALOUS5 Kentarou Kumagai, Daiki Hamano, Yuuji Ikuta, Yuri Matsuoka, Tomohisa Sakou, Amatsuki, Takahide Ishii (Voice Animage Vo. 46 2020)

熊谷健太郎, 濱野大輝, 生田鷹司, 松岡侑李, 佐香智久, 天月, 石井孝英

We can flap our wings again and again! “ReFlap” is attractive for its realistic development where the story and CD units change according to viewer votes. We asked the cast members who are active in various genres such as singers, actors, and voice actors to talk about the work!

A year of teaming up as rivals and friends! What was your impression when you first learned about the “ReFlap” project? Ikuta: To put it bluntly, I was like, “This looks really interesting!” However, unlike anime and voice dramas where you play the character, “ReFlap” treats the character as if it exists. There were many scenes where I realized that he was alive without knowing it, and I felt it was interesting. Matsuoka: Since it’s set as a “real audition program” where viewers can get a chance to debut, I honestly thought it would be a tough battle. At first, I had a strong feeling that I wanted Hinata, who I play, to win, but I changed my mind and wanted everyone to win. Sakou: At first, I was surprised by the setting of a virtual talent. But the more I knew about the character, the more felt like I was having fun and wanted to support him. Amatsuki: I wondered what it would be like to act as a talent and VTuber. But that anxiety turned into fun at the first event. So, when I saw Reona actually moving, I felt the excitement of walking alone, even though he was the character I played. Hamano: I was looking forward to seeing how everyone would support this content. One of the big attractions is that the music is cool. I like Ishii, but it’s a complicated feeling that it’s painful for someone to fall. I feel that it is a work that is truly realistic. Kumagai: The system called viewer voting is also high while characters compete. The way they fit together is cool, and I can enjoy both entertainment and tension at the high time. If you put out something bad, you’ll pull their feet. In that sense, I feel a sense of tension as I work. The fun and difficulty of playing a virtual idol.

What do you value most about playing a character? Ikuta: It’s a kind of virginity (laughs). I want Shuya to be a pure, innocent boy who knows nothing. So, I don’t want him to look weirdly sexy or glamorous. I am conscious of the fact that I am currently in the process of growing, rather than coming to this point through various experiences. Matsuoka: I think that the coolness and stylishness of Hinata is the first impression that remains, but I think that there is a constant passion. If I say cool, I think it’s dexterity, but Hinata is also very clumsy. When dexterity stands out, I feel that Hinata’s adorable clumsiness will stand out more, so I play with that sense of balance. Sakou: It’s a place called “darkness”. (laughs) But in his case, it’s fine because he’s not a blackmailer who hurts people. Since he is an actor, I think that playing an actor means that I must spread the darkness inside me. Hamano: When Mizuto converses with other RePlayers, he tries to take them in as much as possible, talk to them without hurting them, and talk to them as an ideal guardian. He’s not a perfect guardian either, so he’ll have a crack somewhere, and he’ll express his feelings that he can’t let go of when he’s talking to himself. Amatsuki: Reo has a natural side and side that plays as Reona. Ishii: Kaoru is bright anyway! I’m raising one or two gears myself, but I’m acting in a natural way. Ikuta: I love bright atmospheres and take the initiative to change the dark atmosphere. Well, there are times when I’m KY because I read the atmosphere too much and go around it (laughs). Kumagai: I think Reiji has an image of Reiji that he wants to show around. Reiji is always relaxed and confident, and at the same time, I don’t see him pushing himself too hard, so I’m conscious of being able to speak Reiji’s lines without overdoing it. Among them, I would like to express the feeling of being raised on an island that sometimes comes out, or the part of caring for people.

The careers of the cast who play the RePlayers who want you to feel the growth of the new song and the event that the seven people gather are various, but I would like to ask about the relationship such as co-starring experience. Ikuta: Everyone’s co-starring is different. Amatsuki: (pointing at Sakou-san and himself). We’re childhood friends here. Matsuoka: Really? I’ve known Sakou for a long time, so much that I could call him a childhood friend (laughs). We used to do street concerts together at Tentsuki Park. Kumagai: Hey! Matsuoka: It wasn’t easy for me to be on the same site as the voice actors, so at first, I was worried about how to talk to them (laughs). Kumagai: That’s us too (laughs). Hamano: Ishii-kun has always been a comedian, right? Ishii: That’s right. I was making you laugh so hard… please stop!

As for future developments, the CD will be released on October 24th, and the long-awaited event will be held on November 20th. Ikuta: I’m really looking forward to the release of “Star + er” sung by all seven members. I think that how much the characters and ourselves have grown over the past year is added to our singing voice. Matsuoka: I think that when the singing voices of the seven of them, who have each spent a year together, will become something different from before. I am looking forward to such changes. Kumagai: When we first sang “Entertain” with 7 members, it was a battle between everyone, and it had a strong meaning of showing everyone’s individuality, but this time “Start Over” is one team called “ReFlap”. I think that it is possible to express something different from the past by facing the same vector. Sakou: I’m looking forward to the songs that the 7 of us will sing while imagining how Kei would prepare for the event, and how the recording would be done. Hamano: I’m looking forward to the customer’s reaction, and I’m also looking forward to what the manager will come up with. Amatsuki: I’m just happy to see Reona moving around. I hope that it will be a wonderful opportunity to directly deliver the world of “ReFlap” and the appeal of RePlayers. Ishii: We are also looking forward to seeing the RePlayers doing their best. Kumagai: I think it will be the first time that all seven of us will be able to see a live performance together, so please look forward to it.


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