Kaito Ishikawa (Voice Animage Vol. 45 2020)

石川 界人

It is important to sincerely believe in trampolines in the rainy season. Exercising outside is quite difficult, but I still want to move my body! And this time, we had you experience the trampoline that you can enjoy indoors. Don’t miss the appearance of Ishikawa-san playing with all his might until he is exhausted.

The stylist and the two of us had a blast! This time, I came to the trampoline facility “Tondemi Heiwajima Branch” in Heiwajima, Tokyo, to meet the request of “I want to move my body for the first time in a long time even in the serialization!” Ishikawa: I think that it is a picture as a serialization, and that “moving the body” is the way to enjoy the extraordinary for working people. Around that time, I happened to see a feature on a trampoline competition on a TV show, and I felt like I wanted to try it myself.

How was it when you actually jumped?  Ishikawa: Originally, I was doing Danish gymnastics as part of my club activities, and at the time I was doing somersaults on a small trampoline, but it was prohibited at this facility (laughs). I jumped a lot in a safe range. Well, it was fun without flattery! This time, the stylist also participated, but the presence of people who play with me is really important. This time, I brought my own GoPro camera, so we filmed each other with it. It was fun not only to hit the floor, but also to hit the trampoline on the wall. Whether it’s on the wall or the floor, putting all your weight on a trampoline can be intimidating until you get used to it. The stylist also left a famous saying, “I’m afraid to believe in trampolines.” (laughs) But once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun! I can also dunk shots with the feeling of a basketball player… It is an experience that cannot be achieved simply by keeping one’s feet on the ground. Also, Daisuke Namikawa-san seems to be very active in the “Dodge Zone” where you play dodgeball while bouncing around (laughs).  Is it possible to realize a plan to have a voice actor’s sports day here? (laughs)

That sounds interesting! (laughs). Ishikawa: The “Air Run” area, where you run through a resilient obstacle course made of air membrane and compete for time, is also perfect for the sports day! I tried it myself and thought, “This is going to break the course records (8 seconds)!” Difficult!

Ishikawa-san was just rolling forward while completing the race. Ishikawa: It seemed like it would be the fastest, because I was unsteady on my feet. If I ask Yuki Ono-san to challenge me in the same way, I’ll use the momentum and power to knock everything down and achieve an outrageous time (laughs). If you put a camera on your head, you can see amazing images.

We also enjoyed the climbing wall area this time. Ishikawa: It wasn’t planned at first, but I ended up wanting to do it. Some people say that smoke likes high places, but I was keenly aware that I was no exception (laughs). When I reach the top of the “Astro Ball”, which climbs up a pile of balls, I can see the ground about 122 metres below my line of sight…. When I got off, I had to believe in the harness rope and jump down, so I trembled, thinking, “Do you believe in such a thin rope?” I was reminded of how amazing people who usually harnesses to work are. I feel that technology is necessary not only when descending but also when climbing.I have the impression that Ishikawa-san climbed quite smartly. Ishikawa: The stylist was pushing with power, so I think it might look like that (laughs). But in the “Speed Climb” where I competed for speed, it took me 5 seconds, but the stylist finished the climb in 3 seconds!

Justice is power! Ishikawa: I think it depends on the situation, but it’s not a mistake (laughs). I think that each person has their own unique way of climbing, so it might be fun to compare them with everyone! I would like to come again with my friends.

Are there any voice actors you would like to invite? Ishikawa: Yuma Uchida! (Laughs) Also Yoshiki Nakajima and Taku Yashiro. If we win when we compete for the time, I think they will be disappointed, so I think it will definitely be exciting (laughs). Anway, after doing it this time, I understood well that speed challenges should be done immediately after warming up and while you still have physical strength!

By the way, do you usually watch sports? Ishikawa: No, I prefer to move my body myself. However, when I watch gymnastics on TV, I can’t help but stare. It’s a competition that excels in the artistry of using a beautiful body to perform brilliant techniques, and even if the technique has a low artistic score, it’s a use of the body that ordinary people can’t do, so it’s exciting to watch! Even in such a situation, Kenzo Shirai, who brilliantly performs high-difficulty techniques bearing his name, is amazing. Depending on the order of the competition, it can be a psychological battle, like, “That fighter succeeded in a high-difficulty move, so the odds are low, but we have to try.” Perhaps there are few sports that can produce a monologue that is as easy to understand as gymnastics.


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