Akari Kito (Voice Animage Vol. 45 2020)

鬼頭 明里

A wide variety of new songs! A happy encounter with a formidable song! What was the process behind the release of this album? Kito: The story itself was proposed by the staff, and from there, I was able to pick up opinions like “I want to do something like this!” It is an image that I was allowed to sing songs unique to the album while adding rock taste as before.

The first new song completed was “Drawing a Wish”. Kito: It’s also included in this album, but because of having the same people write, compose, and arrange the lyrics for my debut song “Swinging Heart”, I was able to show a new side to myself without ruining my image… Something like that. I think that the lyrics are also finished with content that will surely stick with everyone. The lyrics also say, “Wishes are sure to come true.” I also like songs and movies with positive content, so I really like this lyric. I heard that the song itself was “difficult”, but when I sang it, I remember how easy it was to sing (laughs). The next song we recorded was “Crazy Rock Night”.

This song also had a different voice taste from other songs. Kito: This song was the most challenging one in this album… or rather, it’s too peculiar to be released as a single, it’s a direction unique to an album (laughs). I like this kind of emotional type of music and listen to it often, but it was difficult for me to sing it myself. It’s a unique song, so if you sing it live, the image will change, but that’s why it’s fun (laughs). There are parts where everyone can get excited!

The lead song is “2 o’clock girl”. Kito: Tomoya Tabuchi of UNISON SQUARE GARDEN wrote and composed the song. I like Tabuchi-san’s music, and I’m grateful to have had this kind of connection. Among them, I like songs that everyone can get excited about, so I thought, “If I were to come, would it be that kind of song?” Listen to it with story-like lyrics. Recording was difficult (laughs). I don’t it’s too difficult to record a song, and it’s rare that I change the key myself. I feel like I’ve met a good and formidable enemy (laughs). Especially while I think it’s going to be difficult to sing live, I’d like to continue challenging difficult songs in the future.

I think the number of challenges to put it is the guideline for the future, and about other songs. Kito: From the beginning of the temporary song, there was a shout of “Jump!” I am the type of person who has a straight voice, so I feel like it suits bright songs like this. On the other hand, I don’t usually sing ballads at karaoke, and I don’t have many opportunities to listen to them, so “INNOCENT” was refreshing. Because I always want to be super positive, it’s a genre that I can only listen to when I’m depressed and want to immerse myself. When I sang it, it was difficult to put in the rhythm and emotion because the tempo was slow…Because I can’t express my feelings where I was able to immerse myself in it and bring out what was inside.

“Star Arc” is also a song that has sad part somewhere. Kito: It’s not a ballad, but it’s sad and grown-up. It’s hard to put emotion into because there’s a slow and steady pace between the calm A and B parts and the fast-paced chorus. At first, I sang more flatly, but that would give a light impression, so I sang while conscious of the ups and downs to the extent that I didn’t raise my voice. It’s hard to put your emotions into it… That kind of things happens in plays, but it might be rare in songs. However, I once against felt that both singing and acting have something in common in terms of expression.

And the 12th track is “Kimi no hana o inourou desu”. The singing voice also gives the impression of being quite grown-up. Kito: Like “Drawing a wish”, it’s a song that pushes your back, and it’s one of my personal favourites. The melody was beautiful and positive, and it felt great to sing. It may be the first time I’ve used a fake (improvised change) ad-lib. By the way, the song wasn’t planned to be included in this album, but the producer liked it and said, “I want to include it!” The schedule was hectic thought (laughs). Luckily, I have a strong throat, so my conditions were fine. For example, if you record every day, you can deal with it. It might be my strength (laughs).

Even if you just put the songs side by side, it’s a piece full of Kito-san’s various aspects! Kito: That’s right. That was the concept, and that’s where the title came from. At the meeting stage, a longer title was also a candidate, but this time we decided to go with a simple one, so it was the most fitting and fashionable “Style”. It feels like we’ve put out a lot of different styles with our 1st album, but I think it would be great if we could continue to sing in the direction of “Kimi no hana wo inourou desu”.

I am looking forward to future activities. Kito: Compared to voice actor’s work, artist’s work is easier to understand, so I don’t have to explain it to my family and relatives (laughs). Regardless of gender, when I listen to other artists’ songs or watch music videos, I’ve started taking notes saying, “I want to do somethings like this myself.” Even for the new songs that don’t have MV’s this time, I have an image of “It would be fun if I added videos like this.” I wonder if that kind of image will be reflected in live performances… Well, I have no solo live experience, so I don’t even know how to order (laughs). In the same way, I would like to try writing lyrics and composing someday. In terms of genres, I’d like to try a parade song with brass or jazz.


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