Koutarou Nishiyama  Seiyu Grand Prix plus homme vol.2 (2020)


Nishiyama: It’s a natural wig and I’m very familiar with it, however, recently, it has become more common to choose hairstyles that show the forehead, so that may be what you’re looking for in your partner. I think bangs are artistic. It looks good in the photo.

What kind of hair colour or hairstyle do you want to have in the future? Nishiyama: I don’t really think about it now. Because I saw the pain of my hair changing colour this time. Until now, I didn’t understand how people rinse their hair or apply hair oil. I only used shampoo, but I realized first-hand that my fingers wouldn’t go through it and that it was squeaky (laughs). So, I think it’s okay to change the colour after the hair has been relaxed. I wondered if it was wrong, so I darkened it, and the colour faded to become the current hair colour. The reason why I wanted to make it blue is because I’ve always had black hair since I became a voice actor.

Have you expanded your clothing choices? Nishiyama: I did. When I had black hair, I didn’t wear black clothes very often, but now that I have coloured hair, I often choose monochrome clothes such as black and white.

By the way, what is your favourite hairstyle on women? Nishiyama: I think anything is fine if it suits you.

But do you prefer your forehead out? Nishiyama: In the past, I rarely had my bangs up. What’s more, this wig was made by a hair and makeup artist who modified the existing one, so it’s a very natural wig. I’m very familiar with it, and I wanted to do something like this too! I’m glad I came. I thought that just by changing the bangs and colour would change my mood so much, and I was able to shoot with peace of mind because of the staff who always take care of me in the serialization of Seiyuu Grand Prix.

I would also like to ask about your hairstyle history. Nishiyama: I used to have brown hair when I was in high school, but recently I wanted to dye it blue, but due to the nature of my hair, it turned green… I wanted to make it blue so just by changing the bangs and colour, my feelings changed.

The blonde hair was a request from Nishiyama-san. Nishiyama: I’ve always been interested in blond hair, but I’ve never tried it before because I thought it wouldn’t suit my personality because it’s quirky, and that it would hurt my hair. This is a rare opportunity, so I would like to make a proposal.

You were a good match. Nishiyama: I chose the wig from 4 patterns brought by the hair and makeup artist. There was also a mash-like one with bangs, but at the end I was told that there was a different kind, so I tried wearing a wig without bangs, and I thought, “This is good.”

Hey there! Nishiyama-san changed his hairstyle in the popular Voice Actor Grand Prix project “Heathen”. Wearing a jacket on the costume of the artist interview, the impression changes completely when the hairstyle changes!  Nishiyama: It made me feel like a Korean idol.


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