Tetsuei Sumiya & Yuya Hozumi Seiyu Grand Prix plus homme vol.2 (2020)

住谷哲栄 & 保住有哉

What is “Parahos”? This competition was born when a video of the host dancing Para Para was posted on the internet. The contents of the competition are as follows. After watching the parapara dance by a pair of hospitality artists (commonly known as hosts) and the customer service performance by Buddy, the representative of each store, the audience ordered champagne from their mobile phones to the host who supported them. Victory or defeat is determined by the height of the piled-up champagne towers. “Boku to de iijanai E.P.” (CV: Yuya Hozumi, Mitsuaki Seike, Kisho Taniyama), which includes the songs of “Dream Love” to which Kou Information belongs, and “Love Jackal-kun” only of “Jealous” to which Aki belongs E.P.J. (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya, Satoshi Kobayashi, Showtarou Morikubou) is now on sale. Both include 6 tracks, including 2 songs, 2 dramas and 1 “customer service” part using a dummy head mic. The Kanime board comes with a DVD and a champagne glass.

Experiences in baseball and V-kei bands have something in common with characters – I’ve seen the music and PV of “Parahos”, and it’s a worldview that I’ve never seen before. I’m kind of glistening. Hozumi: That’s what we thought too! I think that in the past, when we took up host clubs in our industry, we tended to make them look more character-friendly and casual.

That’s fine, but in the case of “Parahos”, it’s made with a strong focus on the host club side. That’s why it’s going to be so bright. Hozumi: I don’t think there’s any content that I feel this much respect for. Sumiya: In addition, I think that the content itself has become even more attractive by respecting and earnestly creating it. Some people may have had a scary image of the host, but I would be happy if they were interested in it through “Parahos”. Hozumi: I think that the retention host is the strongest service industry. We ourselves are also participating with the greatest respect.

What’s more, you’re crossing the host’s world and mixing it up. There was a time when Hojo flipping was popular, right? Sumiya: I remember when Gyaru was dancing. I also remember Conon-kun dancing at the opening of Detective Conan. I wasn’t dancing. Preservatin yes. I know Chosu Koriki-san was dancing, but it feels like we never danced. Even though I lived in it, when I think about it now, I feel that there were bits and pieces of every corner in my life. I think it’s a dance that has the power to permeate that much, so I think that “Barajoz” will create a new paraparab. I want to cause a stir!

The attractive characters of “Parahos” are indispensable there. Did you have any sympathy or common points in acting? Hozumi: What I have in common is baseball. I played softball for nine years in elementary and junior high school and a little bit of high school. The office I belong to now has a baseball club, and I’m the ace number there. I wanted to throw the ball more when I got to play Comet. I recently started pitching practise. I wonder if I can do 120 km now. Sumiya: Eh, that’s amazing! Hozumi: I want to throw the first pitch in this outfit someday, so I want to be able to throw 130 km! Also, I can sympathize with the bright and straight place. No matter what’s going on in my backbone, no matter what brings me down, I can stay straight.

Sumiya: I don’t have much in common. But…if I had to say it, it would be band experience. Like Aki, I was in a visual kei band when I was in high school. The part was the guitar.

You were doing copies for Gurei-san, Diren Grey-san and Shido-san. That’s the common point of Hoju Gorigori! Sumiya: I just realized it now (laughs). At that time, I would go to the only visual kei select shop in my hometown and buy clothes. I often wore clothes with open shoulders, nostalgic. Hozumi: Character setting is perfect, we! By the way, each of the two shops has an owner.

What is your impression of them? Hozumi: The owner of Uchinoya (Retsu-sei Sumeragi) is played by Kisho Taniyama-paisen. The place will be closed just by being there! Sumiya: I think both of us are the same. The owner of our store Loki (Showtarou Morikubou) also has a strong preference. Compared to the owner of Tada Koto Shop, the ambition is amazing. Aki XT is also spartan because he is trying to defeat the man named Retsu-sei Sumeragi who reigns as the king. Feeling that the owner in the position of being chased is prepared. While pointing out that “You are bad at this point.” After that, I will teach you to make them think for themselves. Want to become a real host for a limited time?

Two CDs were released the other day, and “Iijanai” Aki XT sings “Love Jackal”. Both songs are very catchy, how was the recording? Hozumi: Anyway, I sang it all the time. In particular, I sang the A verse and B melody while receiving instructions such as, “Be more provocative! Nerdy! Nerdy!” At first, I sang, “It’s good!” At first, I sang “It’s good”, but in the end it was like “I-i-jya-nai?” Sumiya: I really felt that way too. Aki was the vocalist of a visual kei band, so he was even more sought after. I sang with the image of HAKUEI from PENICILLIN. Hozumi: Besides, both songs are very catchy. If you listen to the first verse, you’ll be able to sing along with the chorus of the second verse.

Sumiya: Did you include Cole? Hozumi: I’ve been put in custody! Hahaha! Sumiya:Like “Seiyoshikoi!” Hozumi: This was a lot of fun too! It’s set to call Hoju help, so it’s not like Sou and Aki are doing it, but they let me put it in. It feels like Gaya. It sure was fun and tense! Sumiya: We were recording in a large booth, and they were calling out while going wild (laughs). Hozumi: I really want you to do it in the bar area! I want it to be a drinking song! You don’t have to know about them! Sumiya: It’s a song with that much power.

Your dreams just keep growing. Hozumi: I have so many dreams for the future that it’s difficult to talk about them all. So I’m going to be part of it, but if I had to pick one, I’d like to do a limited-time host club. Then I will work 5 days a week…! (Placing your hands together) Sumiya: Isn’t it my plea (laughs)? I really want the song to be popular. It’s interesting that even one Twitter hashtag is very ingenious, and I’m sure more and more people will be interested in the future. Hozumi: So, when the event becomes possible, I would like to serve each and every customer there! I believe that “Parahos” will make it come true.


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