Ryohei Kimura (Voice Stars Vol. 14 2020)


Around this time, everyday scenery began to return to the city little by little. Thinking about what we can only do now, the reporters decided to plan a home drinking edition in the first serialization in a home-style studio. During the day-to-day changes due to the corona wreck, Ryohei Kimura’s positivity, which says, “My special skill is that I can enjoy it anytime, anywhere,” makes me feel radiant. Luxurious magazine impromptu project “Ryohei Cooking”.

During the self-restraint period, you posted delicious self-cooked meals and take-out lunch boxes on Instragram. Kimura:  In terms of day and night, I made more meals myself, but I enjoyed taking out from various shops (laughs). It’s always better to eat freshly made food at the store, but for some reason I had to bring it home. So, to be honest, I was shocked to be able to eat such delicious food for takeout! Also, I thought it would be nice if I could support the restaurants by doing take-outs, but, 90% of my desire is to eat delicious food (laughs). Kimura’s stylish arrangement that “I want to cook” when it is exciting. Place the cabbage in a pot, layer the onion, thinly sliced beef, and tomato in a mille-feuille shape, add butter, and say, “Almost done!” Um…. Um… it’s already done?” “Other than that, you can leave the vegetables on low heat until they start to crumble! This is a recipe that my mother used to make when I was little. It’s not as stewed or steamed as it is… it’s hard to name it. Basically, I think it often appeared on days when my mother had to go out. Even as a child, I can eat delicious food just by choking. It’s a win-win menu. My mother was a little more careful with the process, such as putting the tomatoes in hot water and removing the hard core of the cabbage, but mine is a little more miscellaneous (laughs). Take a break here until the vegetables are cooked.

It was a sunny day, so I went up to the roof to get some fresh air. Today we are planning to drink at home, but have you had a lot of remote drinking? Kimura:  I think I’ve done about 100 times. There are several groups that regularly hold drinking parties, so I asked them, “Would you like to have a Zoom drink?”

Remote drinking is divided into likes and dislikes. This is my impression, but Ryohei-san is…? Kimura: It’s tough every day (laughs), but I thought it would be nice to do it occasionally. People who have cats at home showed it through the screen, and the husband of a married friend came home halfway through. “Nice to meet you!” It was interesting to see the face of a house that you don’t usually see.

Don’t you care about the background? What does the wall of the Kimura family look like? Kimura: Some time ago, I bought a painting. There was a person working in the shop window of a passing gallery. I was doing an exhibition, so if you are interested and enter, any picture is insanely good! I was scared to look at it and thought, “Oh, that’s the one I’m going to buy. But it caught my eye, a picture of a good size.” Of course, Ryohei doesn’t stop there, right? “Even though I left the store once, I called you (laughs). I asked about the painting and confirmed the size. When I put it between the twin speakers in the living room, it was just right! As expected, I went to the gallery again and bought it (laughs). After that, I got a call saying. “The author wants to say thank you,” and I connected with him on Instragram. The author, Tsunahisa Ogino, was working in a shop window when I passed by. Moreover, after that, when I was looking at an acquaintance’s Facebook. I found out that we had a mutual friend, and the three of us went out to eat together.” When I went back to the kitchen to see how the hot pot was going, it smelled delicious. When I checked the inside of the pot, I said, “It’s okay!” and took it out of his bag. What came out was a stylish ladle and black pepper.

  • Is that what Ryohei-san brought with him? Kimura: Just in case, I brought it with me. the shape of the ladle makes it easy to scoop up various things. The black pepper is from a long-established supermarket in New York called Zabars. My favourite senior asked me to buy it for him. And I bought mine too. Honestly, does black pepper change that much? I thought, but I was surprised at how well it turned out. Pour in the milk, season with salt and black pepper to taste, and when the cheese is melted, it’s done! The umami of the vegetables and the umami of the meat make for an exquisite soup, and the black pepper is a nice spice. Without flattery, everyone praised it highly, saying, “It’s so delicious!”

Come to think of it, an event for the series summary was supposed to be held in May. Kimura: This is all… But it’s okay We’ll meet again, as long as we’re healthy. Right now, it’s important that we’re both healthy.

It is just like you said. By the way, how was the reaction to the summary book? Kimura:  There are people who enjoy it as a summary, and people who enjoy it as a gourmet book. Many people said, “I’m happy that there are more photos than I imagined.”

Ryohei-san, you have happy fans. The previous issue “Vol. 13” that decorated the cover is almost sold out at online bookstores! Kimura: Thank you! That’s right, the headline (That’s why Ryohei Kimura is loved) got a lot of reactions. It’s catchy, isn’t it?

That’s our love letter to Ryohei. Full of disgust (laughs). Kimura: Hahaha! I got the impression that many people were interested in the headline. I just hope that my private friends won’t find it in the bookstore. Its embarrassing (laughs)!  And during the self-restraint, many people must have been energized by the terrestrial broadcasting of the anime “UTRA MAN” (TOKYO MIX) again.

What kind of work is it for Ryohei-san? Kimura: Perhaps… out of all the works that have been in motion for a long time, I have been involved with them for the longest time. Ever since the days of motion comics, I have carefully nurtured works and characters. I’m deeply moved by the fact that I’ve been able to see so many people.

It’s easy to empathize with the main character, who is not a hero in a good way. Kimura:  That’s right. It’s also a story about whether or not a pitiful high school boy is not very skilful can become a hero. There is also the enjoyment of image such as realistic movements. The atmosphere and movement of the scene at the live venue is amazing. In that scene, I tried my best to be gay. While discussing what it was like to be an idol who was gay, I yelled out loud. And then we’ll move on to Phase 2. New characters will also appear, and you should be able to enjoy various developments. I hope that we can take care of them even more from here on out.

After the meal was over, there was actually a game machine in a different room, so Kimura shouted, “Let’s do it!” When you enter the room, a cute host (Studio Nekomaron) welcomes you. After playing with the cat for a while, go to the game competition. I spent a very exciting time with the nostalgic Famicom speaking of games… you’ve been wanting to play the game for a while now. You started gaming on the YouTube channel. Kimura: That’s right. Finding someone who knows more about it, meeting someone who can manage the channel, and progressing at the right time. Ryohei wants to drink and play games.

Hahaha. By the way, you’re usually doing entertainment, aren’t you? Kimura: If you start a new activity in the midst of that, I think it’s going to look like you’re doing entertainment. No, I just love games. I like playing live games, so I wanted to convey from the title that I want to do it if there are people who can relate (laughs). I don’t intend to entertain. I just want to drink and play games. Ultimately, I’m a live commentary fan myself, so I want people like that to see it, but first of all, Ryohei started something new, so let’s see it. I was conscious of that.

Sorry for my ignorance, but in the first place, do you enjoy playing games like “Do you have a technique, Ryohei-san?” Kimura:  There must have been a certain number of people who liked watching people playing games from the very beginning. I think it comes from the fact that it’s a content aimed at them. also, it’s closer than watching TV. I feel like I’m relieved just by someone doing something there. But above all, the stories are so well made these days that you can simply enjoy them.

So, you had a very meaningful stay at home, including the game commentary. Kimura: The thing that shocked me the most when the self-restraint period started was that I was completely okay with being at home this much. Being able to connect with my fans on YouTube and SNS has saved me and made me feel happy. Well, my special skill is that I can enjoy it anytime and in any situation (laughs). Recently, I’m updating my work room, adding a computer, attaching a camera, and buying a green screen, and I’m really enjoying it. Also, during this period, I made a lot of game friends that I didn’t have before. Speaking of games, I got a letter from you.

I was so happy when I saw Ryohei Kimura watching the game live. Start new things, make new encounters, enjoy daily meals, and arrange your home comfortably. Ryohei Kimura seems to enjoy the present rather than putting up with it for the sake of the future. That’s why his strong and kind words, “It’s okay! We’ll meet again, as long as you’re doing well, “are strangely persuasive.


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