Kentarou Kumagai, Shohei Komatsu, Junta Terashima, Shugo Nakamura and Toshinari Fukamachi (Voice Stars Vol. 14 2020)

熊谷健太, 小松昌, 寺島淳, 仲村宗& 深町寿

The unit GOALOUS5 formed by Kentarou Kumagai, Shohei Komatsu, Junta Terashima, Shugo Nakamura, and Toshinari Fukamachi, while maintaining a certain distance, stopped making eye contact and talking. There was a unique atmosphere between them. We will approach the “close relationship” of the five people through their activities and their feelings toward the first anniversary.

“GOALOUS5” consisting of 5 young male voice actors started in May last year. Self-proclaimed “executives of an evil organization”, they are mainly active in video distribution to conquer the world. Each time, the appearance of struggling to respond to the command from the leader is enthusiastically supported by the viewers (members). Because each character is strong, the place is often chaotic, but what about this time? Looking back on about 50 deliveries, the strength of GOALOUS5.

GOALOUS5 celebrated its first anniversary in May, but what do you think is the highlight of the crown program “GO5 Channel?” Kumagai: I think it’s a messed-up feeling! We ourselves are having a lot of fun recording it, so before we know it, we’re smiling, and it would be nice if the members who were watching were also like that. Nakamura: Modern society is often tiring, but I think this program helps reduce stress and calm down the bleak feelings. Terashima: We often record with 2-3 people, there are various combinations, so new drawers will come out depending on who you team up with. It’s just that the settings are blurry (laughs). Isn’t it interesting to see the places are not fixed? Fukamachi: No prior knowledge of the program is required. We ourselves have been recording almost without preparing anything, so everyone, I would like you to enjoy it with your heart empty. The video is around 10 minutes, so it’s also attractive that you can easily watch it. Komatsu: I wonder what these young voice actors are forced to do… I think that the extreme of such things is here. Nakamura: Green (Komatsu) has no substance (laughs). 5 people (roar of laughter). Do you have a favourite episode? It’s Komatsu’s remote episode! It’s the one that Nakamura recorded alone! Komatsu: It’s not just my episodes, but everyone’s remote episodes (46th to 3rd) are my favourites.

Nakamura: There is no need for all five members to be together… Komatsu: No, no (laughs). If you watch the remote times, I think you’ll understand the necessity of having five members. A young voice actor…  Fukamachi: I’ve been recommending “young voice actors” for a while now! Terashima: We’re old men now (laughs).

Fukamachi: For me, it was the third time I made a GOALOUS gun. Nakamura: I also liked that episode. You made a gun out of disposable chopsticks and rubber bands. That’s right. But the rubber band doesn’t fly forward at all. He couldn’t help but laugh. Fukamachi: We didn’t know where we would end up when we were making it, but it was fun because it didn’t fly. Terashima: It’s the time when God was on your side. Kumagai: I love the reading of Evil Goals (No. 24). I arranged the old tale “Momotaro” and read it aloud, but it was hard to hold back my laughter (laughs). It was really fun. I want to do it again! Nakamura: Blue (Kumagai), because it was quite a breakout. My favourite is the 4th instalment where we examine how to wake up refreshed. I had the valuable experience of sleeping on a futon while recording. We used unusual alarm clock and dummy head microphones to wake each other up with sweet voices. Komatsu: That’s actually a great cut. Nakamura: Yes! All the areas where I attacked were cut. I can’t say it here, but I did a lot in front of the mic. I want you to imagine what we were whispering and watch it again.

What are the strengths of GOALOUS5 as a group? Terashima-san, the leader, please tell us. Terashima: Ah… I’m the leader! That’s right… I think the total ability value is high when the five personalities are combined. From there, you can do various projects with might, and it will be more interesting than average.

It’s better than average. Terashima: We’re not a unit that specializes in cooking or dancing, nor are we a comedy group, but we can do everything in a well-balanced way, so it’s fairly interesting. It may be good to have slightly different areas of expertise. For example, green is action, white (Nakamura) is gourmet. Since individuality is popping out little by little, I can show my strength when I want to.

Was there a moment when you realized that? Terashima: The first time the five of us recorded together, we took an academic test (12th) and a physical fitness test (14th), and the sense of balance at that time left a deep impression on me. since it was a full-fledged test, we had to create our own laughter, but with these five, it was pretty interesting. Fukumachi: Certainly, if other people did it, it might have a different atmosphere. Terashima: Yes, it could lead to a serious accident.

I think it was a challenging project, but I was able to make it interesting. It’s amazing in a way. Who is the worst of the five…? The conclusion that came out at the end of the heated discussion is that there are five people with rich individuality, but I would like you to introduce yourself to each other, so first of all, please introduce Blue Kumagai-san. Komatsu: He’s the youngest among us, but he’s the most reliable person. I tend to let everything go. Fukamachi: He behaves as he likes. Among the GOALOUS5, Blue is “a person who can be a standard”. Even if we mess around with each other, it’s precisely because Blue is there that each of us stands out. That why I think he’s reliable, but when I let go, I don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s scary. I want to see that. Nakamura: That’s true. Blue is very kind. Actually, he should want to play around with us. But GOALOUS5 Blue’s kindness is what I like about being able to act with consideration for those around you. Terashima: The ad-lib then the switch is turned on is quite good. In the program, he has a feminine tone and voices red (*dolls positioned as combatants), but even though he improvised and moves fast, he’s able to speak. I’m envious so I turn my head quickly.

Then, can you tell me about White Nakamura-san? Kumagai: I think it’s good to be free-spirited. He’s the type that makes me crazy when I try to get rid of it, so it’s natural to do anything, and it’s cool to see me doing it with a good feeling.

How about Komatsu-san? Komatsu: I see. Nakamura: You’ve been taken off guard now (laughs). Komatsu: It’s not like that. As you can see from the exchange, White hits me hard. But that is the kindness that lies deep within his heart. Even during the recording, he makes strange noises and does crazy things, but it’s all because he wants to make the show better. I think it’s good to have a straight line. It’s only strong against me.

Fukamachi: We live in a cramped and struggling modern society, but I think White is an existence that transcends such a world. Even in situations where people tend to be timid, thinking, “The nail that sticks out will be hammered down,” and “Let’s go after seeing how other people are doing”, White is the one who can take the first step. There is that kind of reliability. Terashima: (Looking at previous issue “Vol. 135”) If you look at the photos taken by Leslie Kee, you’ll notice that it looks like a painting. The owner of a star quality that can be enjoyed and entertained just by being there. Leslie amplifies that charm, doesn’t it? Also, just because it is white, the tank top that shines white is also wonderful.

It was a comment while interweaving gravure criticism (laughs). Next, I would like to talk about my impression of Yellow Terashima-san. Komatsu: There is a sense of security that is different from Blue. Even if someone is stupid, they will pick it up, and if they decide that “This is the time to be serious”, they will proceed politely. A mental support when you’re in trouble, that’s yellow. Fukamachi: Yellow is carrying the character setting of curry, but in fact, he doesn’t like curry that much. But it’s amazing that you can stick to the settings so far.

Terashima: I think I’m a responsible person. Didn’t you misunderstand (laughs)? Fukamachi: (ignoring) And I think it’s attractive that you have the flexibility to adapt to those around you. Nakamura: There is certainly flexibility. He is a person with a sense of balance who can think about how he should behave. Also, when I decided on the colour I oversaw, I got yellow and seemed unhappy. That’s impressive. Kumagai: Like everyone else, I have the impression that he has a good sense of balance and can be considerate. Rather than poor dexterity, he is an all-rounder, responding to any situation. I think it’s the person who puts together the place. There are so many things I want to learn. Terashima: Blue, you say very good things, I’m glad!

Please introduce Green Komatsu-san. Kumagai: The cuteness that you can show at random moments is attractive. During the recording, there is a moment when the mask is intellect, which is also a symbol of Green, comes off and you can see the real face. It’s like a small animal, and it’s cute. Also, as a voice actor, I’m in the same generation, so I have a different thought. Terashima: I think Green is the most ambitious. Because I’m always trying to bring in new winds and attract attention. I want him to be a cerebral character, I want to push the action, and I want to wear glasses. What’s more, it’s amazing that it doesn’t show that rugged feeling too much. It’s a silent Ikiri shop.

Komatsu: Hey (laughs). Fukamachi: As Yellow says, Green is a man who tries his best to establish his own character. However, there are many things to complain about. He can’t be satisfied if he doesn’t crush it, so he’s going to put in a lot of tsukkomi. Nakamura: He pretends to be a shy boy, but he’s not a shy boy. That is the feature. Also, when you decide to do it, it’s the best, and I think the person who likes the GOALOUS5 the most is Green.

And finally, Pink Fukamachi-san, please introduce yourself. Nakamura: I don’t know, really. That’s the biggest attraction. (5 People roar of laughter). Kumagai: In a nutshell, he’s a fascinating person. I can’t take my eyes of him. A person with such a strange attraction. Terashima: I’ve recorded together with Pink, and they were surprisingly solid. But when I’m with the five of us, I try to show my personality when I have a chance. In other words, the response changes depending on the number of people. It’s very calculated! But I think that’s what’s good about it. Komatsu: Everyone says, “I don’t understand”, but if you unravel the words and actions one by one, it’s surprisingly easy to understand. I would like all the members to try to analyse it, and when I understand that I think his charm will increase even more.

Because you’re in an “evil organization”, what’s the worst thing you’ve done recently. 5 peole… Nakamura: I guess they are all doing bad things to the point that they can’t help but keep their mouths shut (laughs). There was Komatsu. Doing the remote episode, he advertised his personal YouTube Channel (“Komachoe Channel”). Furthermore, he had four people appear and leave comments, but he didn’t get confirmation from the leader. Terashima: I ordered Uber Eats at the same restaurant twice a day. Nakamura: Why did that happen? Terashima: I ordered a poke bowl, but when I ordered it for lunch, it was delicious. I asked for it all long. If it’s curry, I can change shops, but that’s the only place I can order poke bowls… Nakamura: That’s all I wanted to eat. Kumagai: As for food, I ate the longer Pringles at midnight. 20% more sour cream and onion. Fukamachi: That’s pretty good! Kumagai: I really want to eat it! Komatsu: And Yellow brought all the ice cream in the neighbourhood, right? Terashima: Because that’s a misnomer (laughs)! I didn’t buy all of them, I bought two each at the same store every day. There was no one else to buy it other than me, so in the end I ended up buying all of them. Nakamura: It’s a buyout (laughs). I spent for about 5 days and bought it step by step!

Fukamachi: I warmed up the type of rice that can be heated in the microwave for 30 seconds longer than the recommended time. Nakamura: What is that? Fukamachi: I really wanted to eat it hot, so I thought it would get better if I kept it warm for a long time. As a result, I burnt my mouth. I’m sorry I didn’t follow the rules. It’s a retribution.

Everyone seems to be doing bad things to a greater or lesser degree, but is there a member who you think is the evillest? Nakamura: From a relative perspective, it’s Green. Because he’s trying to invite all of us to his YouTube Channel and completely own the members. I can see the spirit; you can see it! Fukamachi: I appeared once as Pink in GOALOUS5 and once as Toshinari Fukamachi. Nakamura: This is bad. Komatsu: No! This was done with the intention of improving both channels, so if anything, it’s justice. White is the worst! Nakamura: Hahaha! The reason? Komatsu: It’s like you’re judging innocent people as evil. To me… including the strength of the hit… that…. That… evil… Kumagai: It’s all bad!

Five people’s future that jumps out one after another from dream stories to real things. I can feel the goodness of teamwork from every part of the story, but is there anything that has grown after one year of activities? Komatsu: I’ve solidified my character. Glasses have become my identity. At first, I was confused, but I am proud that I was able to establish a character over the course of a year. Terashima: I’ve become able to say my self-introduction lines smoothly. I was a little nervous at first, but now it’s fun. This is growth! Fukamachi: I’ve learned to read the competition properly. Nakamura: That’s Pink, or rather, it’s the growth of the staff (laughs)! Because we improved it so it’s easier to see. Fukamachi: Well, that’s part of the growth of GOALOUS5. The growth of those around me is also my growth. That’s what I will do!

Nakamura: My heart has become stronger. When we first formed, we thought about a special ability called “White Scope” that would allow us to analyse the opponent in detail with the naked eye, but looking back on it now, we’ve never used it. In the past, I would have been nervous about when I should release it, but now I wonder if it’s all right. Terashima: In my remote episode, the word “White Scope” appeared for the first time in a while. It is said that he has been sleeping for a whole year… Nakamura: Yes, that reminded me of that! Kumagai: I think I’ve become less stiff since the beginning. “I have to do my best!” Nakamura: I used to like him, though. Kumagai: I think I can be myself more now than before. Terashima: You could say it’s grown, or rather, Blue has returned to its original form. I think Fukamachi will be able to make better use of that rampage power now, and I want him to use it someday.

Finally, I’d like to hear about your future ambitions for GOALOUS5. Komatsu:I want to do something that makes use of my voice. The first one was a song (theme song CD “Go! GOUALOUS5!”), but next time it would be nice to do a play, isn’t it?  Terashima: What all our programs have in common is a skit like comedy. I would like to make use of that glue and participate in “King of Conte” with five people. Even in the voice acting world, there were people who were able to participate in the “M-1 Grand Prix”, so it might be good for us to try it. And because there is an axis called an actor, I can do a play. Big boke is pink, tsukomiis me or White.

Fukamachi: What the five of us can do… special effects. Each person has their own colour, and I feel like I can become “Super Sentai”. Let’s shoot a drama and broadcast it on TV. About 50 episodes.

  • Every morning. 60 episodes for 4 people! Every morning! Fukamachi: If we do that, I think that our activities will spread even further as the children will see us. Nakamura: I’d also like to come up with a realistic plan. For example, taking a walk in Gotanda after the “5” in GOALOUS5. I would like to do a loose corner like that. I also read the manga “Golden Kamui” and try to cook bitter gourd.

Terashima: It doesn’t have to be 5 (laughs). Kumagai: Another realistic ambition is the renewal of uniforms. Actually, the edges are starting to look whitish little by little (laughs). I believe that we can achieve this through our hard work, so I would like all the members to support us! Nakamura-san said that GOALOUS5 is “the grown-up image that I envisioned when I was little”. When we’re joking and when we’re serious, we’re a group that can do everything we can.

Indeed, it may be so. Even in this interview, the five of them were creating a rich atmosphere while switching their facial expressions. “It’s scary,” is their signature phrase that is often heard on TV, but the charm of GOALOUS5 is unfathomable. You can’t take your eyes off them, and before you know it, they’re shouting at you… it’s such a scary organization!


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