Wataru Hatano & Takuya Satou (Voice Stars Vol. 14 2020)

羽多野& 佐藤拓

Stay Home with RADIO 〜Now, I want to hear your voice〜 Part 04

Wataru Hatano and Takuya Satou, who love to talk, are the radio hosts “Wataru Hatano and Takuya Satou’s Scat Baby’s Show!” This program, which has been running since October 2016, has won the “BEST SEXY RADIO Ecchi Radio Award” at the 2016 and 2017 Anilasia Awards. The charm is that the two are enjoying the “meaningless” talk with all their might. So, I immediately asked about the secret to enjoying “meaningless” things. The key to fully enjoying meaningless things is “imagination”.

What kind of program is “Wataru Hatano and Takuya Satou’s Scat Baby’s Show!” Hatano: It’s already part of my life. Satou: It’s a job, but it’s also a place where we can be close to each other. It’s precious, isn’t it? I remember when we had a meeting to start the program, we said, “It would be nice if it became a program where you can enjoy waste.” Hatano:  Anyway, it was a program that started with the concept of trying to do something meaningless with all your might. Satou: That’s right. I didn’t start the program with any purpose, but it was a program that started with the most important thing being “having fun together”. Three and a half years later, the concept has not changed. Even the corners in the Hatano program are completely meaningless. “Occupation Perepero” to have a job sent, a corner where you can get an explanation of “frequently used tools” like this program. Satou: For “Everyone’s Side Dish”, it’s just a matter of having Promoter-san (*listeners’ name in the program) send their recommended side dishes. Hatano: It doesn’t make any sense. Because it’s Satou, if you ask me if this program is indispensable in my life, it’s not true (laughs). I think I can live without it. But it’s a lot of fun to have. It’s that kind of program. Rather, it’s a program that was born from the idea of how interesting it would be if we put our all into making a program that would be fun to have. I would be happy if the listeners listened to our talk and smiled.

Even though it was such a start, he won the “Ecchi na Radio Award” in the first and seconds years…(laughs). Satou: Why? Those of us who received the Hatano Prize don’t understand the most. I wonder why they thought it was such a naughty show. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is not that I am unwilling to do so. However, if you hear our talk and feel that it’s a naughty radio station, then I’m sure the listeners have a lot of imagination (laughs). I think it was because of those listeners that I won the award. Without saying anything, he won the “Ecchina Radio Award” just for his imaginative talk. That’s why I won (laughs).

Hatano: Thankfully, Promoter-san is reading the atmosphere of the program a lot, and they send me a lot of emails every week. Satou: What’s more, the content of each email is very deep, so I’m constantly screaming with joy as to which one I should use. Hatano: Everyone is really good at emails. I’m good at ending the story. I think I’m already a professional promoter (laughs). There are a lot of “professionals” in Nobu Satou. We are grateful that there are many emails with context and content that tickle our imagination. It is a program that is being nurtured by everyone who is promoting. So only one email alone – I can talk more.

In particular, the corner called “Wataru Hatano’s delusion consultation” is exciting. It’s a corner where the two of you respond with delusions to the delusional consultations that listeners have thought of. It is impressive that the two of you answer very seriously, despite the delusions of both those who consult and those who are consulted. Even Satou is a “consultation”. Since Hatano-san has written down his thoughts, I think that we also must answer seriously. I answer delusion with delusion, so there is no reality or fact (laughs).

Satou: I think promoters is having a tough time, too. No matter how delusional it may be, they will go out of their way to come up with a sentence and send you an email. I think the effort is amazing. We must do our best to answer the consultations that have been sent to us. Hatano: We’ve had a lot of consultations so far. For example, consultation from someone who realized that he was an angel, not a human being. He was seriously worried about what to do next. Satou: We also seriously thought about it as if it was our own thing. I think that this program is the only one that allows such consultations to be taken seriously (laughs). Hatano: I am most happy that you think so. Because we want you to enjoy the atmosphere and talk that only the two of us can have.

Satou: Every time, we don’t have a meeting in particular that seems like a meeting. Hatano: There shouldn’t be any meetings, but he says that he spends a lot of time in the studio… (laughs). Satou: It’s long. I’m doing my best to chat with all the time I’ve saved for recording. Hatano: Radio recorded only the length of the original program, but we were chatting in the studio twice as much. Satou: If the recording is over, I wish I could go home early (laughs).

Hatano: The thing I’ve been talking about the longest is my thoughts on the illustration of the tights drawn by a certain illustrator (laughs). It’s an illustration by Yomu-sensei, who is familiar with the program. This program doesn’t carry the work on our shoulders, so we’re allowed to do it very flexibly with our free ideas. We can chat, rambling about what we like, such as anime, manga, and games. I think that’s what makes this show so good. If you think about it, sometimes I have a serious story.

Certainly, it is very rewarding to listen to you carefully talk about the works and characters you appear in. Satou: Thankfully, since I started working on this program, I’ve had a lot more chances to co-star with Hatano-san. It was great to have so many things in common. We will be together even before the Hatano program starts.

I feel like I’m being influenced… (laughs). Hatano: Is it my influence..? When I look at my senpai’s back, I think, “Ah, it’s okay to say ‘I like’ what you like!”

Thank you for making my job easier than ever before. Hatano: Hahaha! Well, each person has different forms of beasts in their hearts. First of all, I think it became easier for Taku-chan to unleash his own beast by seeing my beast. Satou: That’s right. Because my senior opened my heart, I was able to open the door of my heart saying, “Well, me too!” For example, it’s like someone who has a pet says, “Look at the picture of my child!” Hatano: Yes, I’m bragging about the beast like I’m bragging about Bette. What I mean by “here” is the worldly desires and fetishes within you. Satou: Right? First of all, I was influenced by Hatano-san, and I opened my heart and said, “Oh, that’s fine!” When the two of us are excited like that, the Promoters who are listening to the program will also open their hearts like “Ah, it’s okay!”. Hatano: It’s such a peaceful world…! Satou: That’s how a wonderful chain is born (laughs). Hatano: In this program, “You don’t have to put a lid on what you like.” Because I’m in the stance.

Satou: There are a lot of things that you must put up with on a daily basis, so I hope that you will be able to release your mind during the program that you spend with us and feel at ease. Is email without a punch line your favourite? “Anything is welcome” program.

Satou-san seems to have been greatly influenced by Hatano-san, but from the perspective of Hatano-san, did your impression of Satou-san change? Hatano: Speaking of Taku-chan, I’ve had the image of “hot-blooded” for a long time, but by starting this program, I felt that he’s a person with a lot of sensibilities. One day, just before the live broadcast started, I saw a web commercial for Tokyo Gas, and I started crying next to it. Theme of family love, well, it was a commercial with a lot of content, but Taku-chan received about 160% more than normal people. As a result, there was a time when the live broadcast started in a tattered state (laughs). Satou: I was in a hurry to fix my makeup… (laughs). Hatano: I’m a highly sensitive person, so I can take other people’s pain as if it were my own. I thought he had the best sensibility for an actor. However, if the guest is funny, he laughs too much. Sometimes I can’t get a job because I’m tired (laughs). Satou: He is really sorry about that, but he has no intention of apologizing (laughs). Hatano: Taku-chan laughs too much when Kimura Subaru-kun comes. Satou: Subaru-kun’s every move hits me hard.

A lot of people came to the program as guests, how did everyone react? Hatano: After the recording is over, all of them go home with a very refreshed face. Satou: That’s right. Everyone had a refreshing face and said, “Thank you very much!” It’s not just Hatano juniors, it’s seniors too.

I’m glad you said that. From now on, I would be happy if various people, not just voice actors, would come and visit us. Talks from angles that you can’t get out of your normal work are also welcome for this program! I always feel that the attitude of the two of you who are “welcome anything” is also for the listeners. Hatano: We often get emails that say, “I might not be hired because I don’t have a punch line…”, and that’s exactly what we want. Satou: It’s okay! We’ll put the punch line, so leave it to us!

Hatano: Because “Futsuota” is our favourite food. Satou: I will read it until it no longer tastes like it (laughs)!

How reliable. I think you’ve been doing a lot of radio programs so far, but isn’t it a program with a very special position among them? Satou: It’s the first time I’ve seen a program where two male voice actors don’t talk like this on the radio. Hatano: Maybe we and the staff are misunderstanding the meaning of service to female listeners… (laughs). At the beginning of the program, there is a short section called “Meaningless OO show”, but the script that the write came up with as a story related to Valentine’s Day was “Just eat chocolate”.  Instead of saying the usual sweet lines, only the sound of us eating chocolate is heard.

Satou: He was a pioneer of ASMR (*comfortable sounds that make your head and spine tingle when you hear them, such as the sound of chewing or picking your ears), which has become popular recently (laughs). Hatano: Maybe so (laughs). Despite such a program, it’s thanks to Promoter that I’ve been able to continue for a long time. It’s possible because everyone is having fun and leaning forward and participating in the program. Satou: Otherwise, the program would be meaningless. The concept of enjoying meaningless things with all one’s might. It’s the Promoters who make this concept program meaningful, not anyone else. I really appreciate it.

Hatano: When I read your emails, I can clearly see that the listeners are all very serious. In the corner where Taku-chan answers love consultations, I get very serious emails. Satou: The delusion consultation is serious, but the love consultation is just as serious. Hatano: Not only do they take our jokes seriously, but sometimes they send us serious thoughts. I am very happy.

Feelings for each other as partners beyond senior and juniors. Did anything change between the two of you through such a program? Hatano: Do you have anything? Satou: The big change for me is that I no longer have resistance to showing my personal side. I feel like my shoulders are looser than before. Rather than pretending to be strange in front of the customer, I want everyone to share what I thought was fun and what we thought was fun. I was able to settle into the idea that it would be nice. In a way, I think it made me feel better. Also, there is another big influence I received from Hatano-san.Hatano: What? Satou: That’s Hatano-san’s attitude. Hatano-san is always humble and never forgets to be grateful for all the content and things he is involved with. In the past, I was able to disturb you at a solo live, but I must not forget to thank not only the fans who support me, but also the staff who support the live. When I saw Hatano-san conveying his gratitude on stage, I thought from the bottom of my heart, “I want to be that kind of person, too.” For me, Hatano-san is someone who gives me goals in my work as a voice actor. Thank you.

Hatano: Well… I’m happy. I never thought I would have 108 beasts in my heart (laughs)! If you haven’t listened to this how, you wouldn’t know. Satou: (laughs). He’s such a wonderful senior, but sometimes he betrays me. Because Hatano-san was showing his heart, “Then Me Too.” and then suddenly he said, “I don’t really understand that…”, and I was surprised when he suddenly withdrew (laughs). I should have been on this side until just now!

Hatano: What? I’m sorry, Taku-chan’s full power is so much fun (laughs). This kind of interaction is possible because I know Taku-chan’s personality. Don’t hold back, in addition, I think I am blessed because I have a partner who enjoy each other while doing it. Having such an existence is very important for the program to continue, isn’t it? That’s why I want us to continue to work together for a long time, and I hope that Promoter-san will enjoy the program with a forward-looking attitude.

Lasty, please tell us what you would like to do with the program in the future. Hatano: All the guests who have come to the program so far belong to a club called the SFP Club (Stress Free Panties Club). So, I think it would be great if we could create something as an SFP club someday. For example, it would be interesting if we could create an “SFP club song” together with the guests. I’m thinking of various ideas.

Hatano: We often get emails that say, “I might not be hired because I don’t have a punch line…”, and that’s exactly what we want. Satou: It’s okay! We’ll put the punch line, so leave it to us! Hatano: Because “Futsuota” is our favourite food. Satou: I will read it until it no longer tastes like it (laughs)!

How reliable. I think you’ve done a lot of radio programs so far, but is it a program with a very special standing position among them? Satou: That’s great! My hope is that this show will last forever. On top of that, my immediate goal is to celebrate Hatano-san’s 40th birthday in a big way about two years from now! If possible, together with everyone from Promoter. It’s my precious partner’s birthday and turning 40 is also a big milestone.

Hatano: I’m so happy! That’s how I want to continue the meaningless program no matter how old I am. Satou: I want people to listen to it and think, “These old men are talking about ridiculous things,” and “It just looks like they’re having a lot of fun!” That’s our goal. Hatano: It’s a program that we, as Hatano naturalists, can deliver, so we can continue it forever. If there is no time constraint, we can keep chatting all night long. There is no running out of material.

Satou: Humans, as long as you are alive, you’ll be able to create stories! Hatano: I hope you will continue to enjoy the chatting that only we can do! Two people who have learned the pleasure of releasing their personal parts through the program. That stance resonated with listeners and guests alike and became a powerful personality of the show. Rather than reading people’s complexions and moods, here is the ideal form of radio that is linked by a complicity relationship called “resonance”.


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