Toshiki Masuda & Makoto Furukawa (Voice Stars Vol. 14 2020)

増田俊& 古川

Stay Home RADIO with Now, I want to hear your voice Part 02.

In a place where you can get “Goriyaku”… Same age, same office. Toshiki Masuda and Makoto Furukawa are connected by such a mysterious connection. It’s neither too sticky nor too far apart, even with radio that started with a common denominator of “spiritual love.” Where is the point of that exquisite sense of distance? I would like to approach the two people who have reached the milestone of 30 years old.

“Toshiki Masuda and Makoto Furukawa’s Goriyaku Research Institute” (KBS Kyoto Radio), commonly known as “Goriken”, has already established a unique talk tempo and atmosphere. The sense of trust and security that flows between the two is very comfortable, and many listeners will unconsciously tune in to the channel every week for that “usual feeling”. Even during the shooting on this day, chatting naturally started in between, and there was a figure enjoying conversations such as family topics. Both are now 30 years old. We will deliver a light crosstalk between the two who entered the next stage as men.

Relationship between them and the listener who approached in a year and a half.

  • About a year and a half has passes since the start of broadcasting “Goriken.” Is there anything that you feel has changed between the two of you. Furukawa: I have. This is the second time I’ve been able to do a proper program with Masuda-kun… Masuda: It’s a radio drama from five years ago. Furukawa: Kimiiro storia (2015). Compared to back then, I think Masuda-kun has become a little less reserved. Masuda: Oh, that’s a good thing. Furukawa: I’m also shy, so I’m glad I was able to get rid of that wall. I started to feel like I should push myself more than before, and I think I should put myself out more. So, Masuda-san, did you feel that change? Masuda: I didn’t feel it at all (laughs). Furukawa: Ahahaha. Masuda: If anything, I don’t think Furukawa-san has changed much. Furukawa: Masuda-kun uses his head to think about how to make the things in front of him more interesting, and if it comes likes this, he should do it likes this. Masuda: I am! Furukawa: Yes. That’s why it’s not the time to notice my changes (laughs).

Masuda-san, do you think there is anything that you have changed about yourself? Masuda: What is it… I think I have lost some weight. Oh, it’s not like that (laughs)! Furukawa: Isn’t that great? You changed dramatically. Masuda: Compared to a year and a half ago, I’ve lost 5-6 kilograms. I did my best. I was surprised when I saw the jacket of Furukawa’s latest album (“Diver”).

Regarding “Goriken”, does it seem that there will be no particular changes? Masuda: “Goriken” has nothing new in a good way, so I think that’s why we’re able to continue to seek benefits. Furukawa: Without getting bored. Masuda: Yes, without losing motivation. Today, I found a nice-looking stone shop before coming to this interview. Furukawa: Did you enter? Masuda: No, the reservation system didn’t work. When I saw only the stones in the storefront, I thought, “Wow, I want to join!” But I still have that interest in me. Furukawa: So, you’ve noticed it again. Masuda: I don’t think it’s blurry. Or rather, we must not shake it. Because it’s a “laboratory” (laughs. Furukawa: Ahahaha. Masuda: I have a vague idea that some people who have never been interested in spiritual things and started listening to our programs are starting to take an interest in spiritual things, aren’t they? Furukawa: I feel it too. The listeners of this program really send me e-mails with various contents. I really think it was thanks to that support that we were able to continue for a year and a half. Also, recently, in the “bonus talk”, a project to decide the “best 3” has started… Regardless of Masuda’s profit, it’s the one that announces ranking in various genres every time, such as “best 3 favourite foods”. Furukawa: It’s a fun project, but I’m a little happy that everyone is now casually sending me e-mails in corners other than the main one. I think I like this.

Masuda: There is also a rule that we can’t eat anything other than the best 3 you mentioned there for 10 years, right? Furukawa: That’s what’s it’s supposed to be (laughs). But even then, there were voices like “I want to see two people who haven’t been able to eat for 10 years〜”, and I feel that the distance with the listeners has gotten a little closer. Masuda: The “best 3” corner has the feeling that more listeners are participating. Thank you! Furukawa:  I’m glad. Now that I am 30 years old, I can feel my current state of mind… Speaking of participatory activities, in the past year and a half, you have held several Goriken events. Hatano-san (Wataru) also came as a special researcher (guest). Well, it was really helpful at that time. Masuda: Only Hatano-san read the research results. Furukawa: I’m sorry (laughs). What are we doing? Masuda: That’s something I asked for because of Hatano-san’s personality. We are too dependent on Hatano-san’s kindness. Furukawa: Yes. But in the end, it’s going to be fun, so I just do it. Masuda: Hatano-san is also a senior who answers that properly. It’s something we say, but Hatano-san’s character and his position matched well, and the event was quite lively. Furukawa: I want to you to come again! Masuda: I hope we can create a fun time with our listeners. Furukawa: I will cherish those moments.

Were there any unexpected aspects that you came to see through the event? Furukawa: Masuda-kun is really an entertainer, and his power as a performer is amazing. Masuda-kun has more experience as an artist than me, so from the start, I simply thought, “That’s amazing, it’s amazing,” but when we actually stand on stage together, those feelings are amplified. For example, what kind of scene? I bring all kinds of balls out of my range and throw them at the audience (laughs). That’s why Masuda is learning so much every day. It’s Furukawa. For example, (Sanma Akashiya’s Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee), have you seen (Fuji TV) or something? Masuda: Yes, I watch a lot. Also, Matsuko Deluxe’s variety show. Furukawa: Awareness is high! When I saw Masuda-san like that, I thought, “I see. That’s what they said. I can’t believe it.

Masuda: It’s about the first or second year of his career, right after his debut. Not only at individual events, but also when I performed on stage with my co-stars at the time, I was often told, “Learn more talk techniques.” Furukawa: Was it about 10 years ago? Masuda: Yes. But when I think about it now, there’s no way someone between the ages of 1 and 20 who’s just debuted can talk bluntly at a talk event. Can you say something funny? (laughs) Furukawa: Well. Masuda: It’s natural if you can do it. Furukawa: I only know about Kaito Ishikawa (laughs). Masuda: Ah, he’s amazing. – Conversely, Masuda-san, what do you think when you see Furukawa-san at the event? Masuda: I may have made many new discoveries. Furukawa: What? Masuda: The roles you usually play are relatively delicate, aren’t they? If you go with that image, this is the same for events and regular radio, but I wonder if there is a slight gap in the words you actually release. In a sense, I can’t say I’m strait-laced, or rather, I’m like this, and that’s what I like. I think it’s quite difficult currently to not make up for it. However, I think that I can convey that he is sincere and that he is doing his job with a very good stance. Furukawa: Am I saying such an outspoken thing?

Masuda: Of course, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s clear that I like this and that I’m not good at it. Most people try to make it fluffier and spread the landing point, but Furukawa-san said, ‘I’m sure I’m here.’ Furukawa: I see. Maybe there are both good and bad points. Masuda: There’s no such thing. Individuality is your spine! Furukawa: Say good things! Masuda: I want to grow more and more. Recently, just what Pekoba-san is saying in a joke (laughs). Furukawa: Pekoba-san, that’s great. I’m just stooped too. Masuda: Ah, you said something nice (laughs),

Is there a particular flavour that comes out just because you’re a pair? It’s a strange combination. Masuda: I think there is a lot of that. Furukawa-san will do the basics, so I’m just nervous. Furukawa: No, no. Masuda: That’s why I think I’m dyed as if I’m dying. Furukawa: I don’t feel that way at all. Masuda: Because he’s the type whose demeanour changes quite a bit depending on who he’s teaming up with. With Furukawa-san, I feel like I’m always looking for a hole somewhere. Furukawa: What do you mean? Masuda: Furukawa-san handles things well and says what I have to say, so I’m a joker in cards. I’m always looking for a good hole to fit in as a joker. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Furukawa. Furukawa: Because I’m just doing what’s written in the script seriously and just throwing the ball I’m starting with. However, in such a situation, there are moments when I think that it is not interesting to just go in this direction, and Masuda-kun will flexibly add something at such times. It’s a terrible curve ball that no one can catch when you throw it. Even if I do, I always get laughter of admiration from the people around me… I’ve said it many times, but I’ve been really helpful.

Both of you are 30 years old now, but do you have a feeling unique to the same age? Masuda: It’s really easy to do, and it feels different from other age groups. Furukawa: Yeah, yeah.

Furukawa-san, Masuda-san, don’t you do radio with people of various age groups? Furukawa: Not really. I’m not good at throwing the ball because I’m afraid that I’m a higher opponent… Masuda: However, I have an image that my seniors love me very much. Hiroki Yasumoto and others. Furukawa: Yasumoto-san is truly indescribable. He helped me in many ways and even gave me advice.

Among Yasumoto, Masuda, I guess Furukawa-san feels like a cute younger brother. Furukawa: I always think that I have to give something back. It’s very difficult. Masuda-kun, do you often perform with seniors and juniors? Masuda: I don’t think there are that many. For that reason, he tends to pour is love into a very narrow range of people. Furukawa: A person who is always close to you? Masuda: I’ve known Tasuku Hatanaka for a long time, Murakami and Kotarou Nishiyama. I empathize with people who have played privately at some point. Masuda: Even if I enter the scene, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk unless I’m close to myself. Furukawa: That’s right. Masuda:If such opportunities increase in the future, we must also show ourselves a chance so that the other side can come to us. Furukawa: That’s right. Masuda: It’s a responsibility I’ve had over the years. Furukawa: We’ve grown up too. Masuda: Yes. But my seniors have been doing that for a long time. Now it’s our turn. Do you think I’ll be able to show you a gap? What about Masuda? I’m going to teach you one by one in detail. “Other people may not be doing it, but it’s convenient to do this!” Furukawa: Earning points (laughs). But I think it’s fine. Better than saying nothing at all. Masuda: In our generation, our seniors treated us very well. Furukawa: I really learned a lot. I hope we can do the same as those seniors. Anyway, I don’t want to be hated (laughs). Masuda: That’s fine! Radio for the two of them and what they want from voice actors.

What do you keep in mind in such situation? Masuda: I do my best not to let out what is not inside me. The contents will be thinner. In that sense, I think it’s a place where you can say that you like what you like and tell what you’ve done recently.

How about you, Furukawa-san? Furukawa: Basically, I think that radio is often listened to in one person’s space.

So, what kind of existence are you? Masuda: Actually, I wasn’t the type of person who grew up listening to the radio. So, I don’t have any memorable episodes, and it wasn’t in my life until I did this job and radio work. That’s why I feel strange that I’m doing this right now, and radio is like a TV show. In a sense it’s a “show”. I think that is a place where you can offer your own personality as a product in an interesting way. I wonder if it’s a kind of space creation. For example, if someone who listens to “Goriken” thinks, “These guys are really stupid〜” I’m totally fine with that. As long as the space is provided, I think it’s fine. Furukawa: Of course, it’s a program that can only be made possible because of Masuda-kun and the staff, and we’re working together to make it fun. Many listeners have listened to it, emailed me and even participated in events… so I’m proud that I’ve been able to create that space to some extent.

Do you feel that voice actors have strengths in doing radio? Masuda: Well, no (laughs). Furukawa: Wahahaha! I’m not strong, but I think I have. It depends on the colour of the program on the radio that the actors are doing, but time flows quite slowly, doesn’t it? Masuda: Understood! “Between actors”. Furukawa: But when it comes to us voice actors, aren’t we often asked for a sense of humour? Masuda: Certainly. “Say something funny,” right? For some reason, when I watch Furukawa-senpai, I think his talk skills and techniques that make him laugh are amazing. Someday, something like culture will take root in Japan, and I wonder how I will get used to it (laughs). I’m still not good at it. The first greeting at a new site. Furukawa: I can’t say anything interesting. Masuda: We have no choice but to do our best (laughs).

Lastly, I would like to ask you about your recent situation. How did you spend your time during stay at home? Furukawa: I did a much-talked-about online drinking party. 3 or 4 times with friends from vocational school and fellow voice actors. Masuda: Did you have fun? Furukawa: Well, the end never comes (laughs). It’s not a shop, so there’s no closing time, and it’s like I’m lazing around until morning. Masuda: I also had my first online drinking party with my friends from school days, and when I come to myself, I felt lonely, because I was alone at home, unlike at a restaurant (laughs).

The period of restraint has ended. If you can pull yourself together and go out somewhere together? Furukawa: Last year, you went to Tenkawa Shrine in Nara for the filming of “Goriken”, didn’t you? I also want to go. Masuda: That’s good. the weather changes, so the location is a bit of a hit or miss, but last time it was raining the day before, but it was fine on the day. If it’s sunny the next time we go, we’ll have quite a bit. After that, I went to a shrine in Kyoto. At that time, there was a tea shop nearby, and the shaved ice there was really delicious. I want to go to Kyoto. Masuda: Even if I can’t do it this year, I hope that Goriken will be able to increase the number of such fun projects in the future. Furukawa: Yes. Because we are doing a program together like this. The role in the program is naturally constructed, and the talk style that makes use of it is a big highlight. Two people who respect each other, sometimes rolling in unexpected directions, “Goriken” that delivers happiness and benefits firmly. It might be a good idea to tune in to the somewhat nice-listening radio from mature 30-year-old guys on Friday nights.


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